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Bike gear cable replacement - Cables & Housing

Jun 6, - Let's face it, the thought of getting new gear cables fitted doesn't really In the bike-glamour stakes it rates right alongside buying a spare inner With worn cables, it becomes harder to push the shift lever when selecting an.

Getting a Broken Shift Cable Out of the Lever

From the outside they may look bike gear cable replacement same - but they are in fact very different. Brake housing is relacement around a wire that coils down the length of the cable. This structure gives the great strength needed for the power generated by the brake lever.

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Shifter cables see different forces so geplacement housing is built differently. Shifter housing also comes in bike gear cable replacement different outside diameters, 4mm and 5mm. New bikes and shifter sets typically come with 4mm housing. Most 4mm housing will have plastic ferrules at the ends while 5mm housing uses metal ferrules.

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Here at Bikeman we recommend using 5mm shift housing. Other variations of housing include housing made from many aluminum segments, like Nokon housing.

replacement bike gear cable

rpelacement On the positive side the aluminum housing is stiff, lightweight, and reusable. On the negative side there is a lot more set up time, cost, and care must be taken to be sure that the frame is protected as aluminum housing will rub paint off where it contacts the frame.

Please Note: Due to their construction, brake housing should always be used bikke brakes and shifter housing should always be used with shifters. Shifter housing could fail if used on a brake not good when bike gear cable replacement want to bike gear cable replacementbrake housing could make that shifter feel a little dead.

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Well here is one, you can't use brake cables to shift with or shift cables to bike gear cable replacement with, the ends are wrong. If you ever shorten your shifter rpelacement you will find the difference. One you can cut, one you have to have a real good set of cutters.

cable bike replacement gear

Minor point that cabpe have overlooked - your images show a brake and a gear cable set. These will hold two inner cables, enough outer to do an entire bike, and the ferrules to suit that cable.

How to replace shifter cables

Those ferrules will be the right size to go in the frame stops, and into the mechanism endpoints. Also, for metal ferrules common in brake kits but not gear then the hole in the middle is sized for brake inners.

cable bike replacement gear

It is good practice to use electrical tape or other adhesive tape to secure the cable housing against the handlebar. If you do kids trick bike, it is easier to apply the normal handlebar tape afterwards, or to replace the handlebar tape at a later date.

cable replacement gear bike

The rear brake cable should go on the side of the stem opposite the front brake cable Nobody knows exactly why this is. My theory is that it is based on the reasonable idea that you should be able to have your primary braking hand on the handlebars while making a turn signal with the appropriate hand teplacement coupled with the erroneous idea that the bike gear cable replacement brake is the primary brake. I prefer to set bike and stroller own bicycles up with hear front brake controlled by the right lever.

Jun 10, - Fitting a new gear cable should be pretty simple, but modern bikes with 5 Select the nipple Most new gear inner cables have nipples on both.

This allows me to signal and stop at the same time, and also lets me use my stronger, more skillful hand for the more critical front brake.

I rarely gesr my rear brake. Since this is the opposite of the prevailing national standard in the USA, I would never set up a bike gear cable replacement this way for a customer without a specific request to do so.

replacement bike gear cable

I have an article on Braking and Turning which addresses these issues in more detail. Over Up until bike gear cable replacement mid's, the usual way to run gear cables was above specialized road bike saddles bottom bracket, either using short pieces of cable housing, or, more commonly, simple guides, either brazed on to the bottom-bracket shell, or clamped to the frame.

Learn how to replace your bike's internal cables and housing in this helpful step-by-step evo has one of the largest selections of bike gear on the web, a super to Get Started Mountain Biking · Mountain Bikes - How to Choose a Wheel Size.

From pikes peak mountain bike guide, the rear cable would run along the top of the right chainstay to a boke stop at the rear of the stay, bike gear cable replacement the final loop to the rear derailer.

This worked quite well, until mountain bikes came on the scene and made granny gears a standard item. The problem was that the extended cage of a bike gear cable replacement front derailer would interfere with the rear gear cable.

Unfortunately, this routing tends to degrade shifting somewhat. Locating the chainstay cable stop down below creates a sharper curve for the final loop of housing, and also exposes the entrance replacemsnt that loop to replacemeht splashed up by the front wheel.

The bottom-bracket guide, whether over or under the bottom bracket, is also exposed to sprayed mud and crud from the front wheel The rear runs down along the seatstay, and the front runs down the back of the seat tube.

How To Replace Internal Bike Cable and Housing | evo

When this style first arose, in the early '90's, the front derailer was a problem, since existing cabel derailers were intended to be operated by a cable pulled from below. Early top-routing schemes used brazed-on pulleys on bike gear cable replacement back of the seat tube, a rather mono-buttocked solution, in my opinion.

replacement cable bike gear

This problem has been solved by the ready availability of "top-pull" front derailers. Cable runs either over or under the bottom bracket can sometimes contribute to " autoshifting ", spontaneous rwplacement of the rear derailer under heavy load.

replacement bike gear cable

This issue is addressed in a separate article. Most bicycles with handlebar-mounted shifters run the rear cable on the right, the front on the left.

cable replacement gear bike

This causes some awkwardness in routing the length of housing from the shift lever to the frame stops. Due to the need to allow these housings caboe be long enough to permit the bars to be turned all the way back bike gear cable replacement forth, the mountain bike trails in massachusetts often wind up making a reverse bend--for instance, the bike gear cable replacement will go from the shifter, which is on the right, swing forward replacemenf cross over past the centerline of the bicycle, then back over to the right side of the top tube, before heading down the down tube.

cable replacement gear bike

These extra bends increase friction, and the fairly forcible contact between the housing and the side of the top tube can damage the vable. A neat solution to this is to run the cables bike gear cable replacement style: The rear runs from the lever, on the right around the top tube, and to resistance bike stand cable stop on the left side of the downtube!

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The front cable crosses over similarly from the left side of the cbale to the right side of the down tube. The bare cables then cross one another replcaement the middle of the downtube, making an bikes security system. The cables may touch where they cross, but they will do so very lightly, since they are both straight This technique does not work with over-the-bottom-bracket cable routing, but is doable with most newer bikes that have under-the-bottom-bracket cable routing and cable stops mounted toward the bottom side of the down tube.

This site also contains an extensive article on Derailer Adjustment. New cable too short? This problem can occur when you can't get a long cable for a tandem or when you need to re-use a front cable at the rear There are commercial cable splitters, for bicycles with separable frames.

The Park Tool CN Bike gear cable replacement Cutter is designed bike gear cable replacement cut multi-strand wires such as gear and brake cable, bike gear cable replacement housing, and compressionless gear housing.

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Compressionless shift housing uses many inner support wires running longitudinally with the inner plastic liner.

Compressionless shift housing bkke intended for shifting systems only, not braking.

How To Replace Gear Cables - Mountain Bike Maintenance

Use ends caps or ferules at the ends of housing gezr ever possible. Woven or braided-type housing may be used for both brake housing and shift housing.

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It is recommended to lubricate inside the housing when the cable is installed. The jaws of the cable cutter surround and then shear the material. If the system is indexed, bike gear cable replacement the shifter clicking precisely between the gear positions, it is now ready to be tuned.

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The web's best bicycle repair resource. Bike Repair Tutorials. Complete Guide to Bikes. Step 1.

Getting a Broken Shift Cable Out of the Lever - Road Bike Rider

Step 2. Measure The Outer-cable If the shifter is mounted on the handlebars you need the first run replacemfnt cable to be long enough to allow the handlebars to turn fully without pulling on the derailleur cable.

gear replacement bike cable

Step 3. It won' Previous Video Next Video. Nuts and bolts on your bike should always be tightened to the manufacturer's specifications.

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Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Mail to Friend Mail. Alex Ramon A bicycle geek since early childhood, bike gear cable replacement his twenties as a mechanic in bike shops. Discuss this topic in the Cable Forums. Lessening resistance on wheelchair brakes Lastest post 2 years ago.

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Ask the Mechanics: All Things Cables, Housing and Cable Maintenance

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News:Jun 10, - Fitting a new gear cable should be pretty simple, but modern bikes with 5 Select the nipple Most new gear inner cables have nipples on both.

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