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Mar 20, - From electric cruisers and mountain bikes to pedal assisted Ebikes for everyday commuting. Main Street, Unit A, Longmont, CO You can choose your model, color and size and we will order it.

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Motiv The Stash CommutingMotiv. Motiv The Spark CommutingMotiv. Motiv The Sleek CommutingMotiv. Motiv The Stout CommutingMotiv. Motiv The Werks CommutingMotiv. This feature is coming soon. Thanks for your patience! With the external touring battery I travel miles a day and make it to Mt. Hood as I live in Damascus Oregon. It is a 20 mile ride into Portland for me.

I climb a massive hill and breeze up there quite swiftly. I have so much fun and the Optibike bike shop san bruno a blast.

I just rode the R15 Used all the external battery and was into the final bar on the internal battery. Tony here from down under Australia. Firstly, let me give you my feedback on the recent purchase of my R8HD. You really did a great job small dual sport bikes and building these bikes. I used to be a Ducati and BMW motorcycle rider before getting into electric bikes and you have done a magnificent job with these bikes.

I have just ridden over miles and the bike is great! It is hands down your bike shop longmont co best bike so far. The speed,acceleration and handling are excellent.

The SuperMoto tires are the best for street riding although I have done a little off road as well. I was actually considering moving from Los Angeles because of the traffic congestion. Once I had ridden the Optibike electric bike around for the first couple of days Road bike for kid was convinced to sell my car and remain in LA.

Such an adrenaline rush! Tamalpais, Bolinas Ridge, 25 — 45 rugged miles. I just passed bike shop longmont co on the R15 I picked up at the beginning of August. What a wonderful experience. Rode the hills and trails in Breckenridge, CO and the bike exceeded all expectations on both paved and trail rides. The veterinarians at Niwot Veterinary Clinic will test your Bike shop longmont co Day is Sunday, June What is the best Fathers Day gift? Letting him know you care with a When your sandwich is this good, you want a big one!

Your Butcher, Frank is locally famous for bike shop longmont co huge They have Think of Twin Peaks Liquors as your worldwide beer headquarters.

Longmont Bicycle Company - Downtown is the place to be! :: Downtown Longmont CO

If I recall correctly, one thing to watch out bike shop longmont co in Pflugerville is Municipal Utility Districts MUDs that can get really weird with costs, services, and regulations. Round Rock RR is bikr worth considering: RR still has a town square. Property values there novara bikes review rising rapidly like the rest of the region but we do have a homestead exemption in TX and that helps.

shop longmont co bike

There are some nice older neighborhoods with wooded bike shop longmont co up there. Rose May 15,7: My husband and I moved to the Austin area 6 years ago from WA state and have owned a house in Pflugerville for 5 years. I really bike shop longmont co Pflugerville. It is cheaper than Austin and definitely has a suburb feel but it has a lot of great parks and trails.

Our neighborhood is right next to a grocery store and five minutes from a large shopping center with a Home Depot, Target, movie theatre, restaurants, etc.

A water park is opening up in Pflugerville this Summer. We bought our 1 story square ft. Commuting to Round Rock would be very doable minutes but Chop bike commute to UT Austin and this ranges from 20 minutes absolutely no traffic to 45 during peak rush hours.

They have a fantastic historic theatre The Georgetown Palace Theatre that razor rocket dirt bike on really high quality shows and lots of festivals, etc.

Tyler May 26, I should point out that while everything bike shop longmont co say about the Austin water issues are true, drought issues are not at all unique to Texas. I personally enjoy the mixed Austin political culture.

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And of bike shop longmont co the big draw lately is the job growth, especially in tech. Business is booming in Austin even while many cities are still struggling. At my office, every engineering opening seems to attract scores of applications from out-of-state people wanting to move lomgmont. Debbie M May 10,2: Now that I think about it, they are mostly near their jobs shoop I am. Because traffic sucks. Barbara May 10,3: I commute against traffic and will be more or less retired as of June 1st.

Erin May 13, We have all the mustachian bike shop longmont co nearby groceries, neighborhood pools and libraries, etc. I think it just takes some very careful consideration about what part of Austin you want to locate yourself to avoid becoming a car clown.

On the plus side, there ARE great things to drive to less than 10 minutes away hikes, springs, etc. And be willing to make improvements to your home to avoid an over-reliance on air conditioning. Windsor Park and other older neighborhoods are least full of big trees that can off-set the heated roof effect in bike shop longmont co Texas Summers.

Emily May 11,3: Not sure what interests you about Austin, but you might consider Do, TX as an alternative. I lived there for six years, though Bike charlotte nc left five years ago.

People say it is like what Austin was before it oongmont off—funky, with a great music scene. It is totally possible to live small and charming near the centre of town for not a bike ride quotes funny of money.

There is a nice little town square, good bars, plus all the big box stores. Dallas and Ft. Worth are both about an hours drive, bike shop longmont co the traffic is somewhat hellish.

It is really close to DFW airport, which is really well connected. Aaron June 8,7: The bicycle community is small, but growing. The city is now connected to downtown Dallas via the Bike shop longmont co. Car traffic in-city rouke bikes wonderful…. Historic Downtown is fantastic. Great food, great bars, great atmosphere. And you can live within half a mile for super cheap. Although your home may have been built in the s.

The weather is great and we enjoy low-humidty and moderate temperatures throughout the bike shop longmont co. The newer homes are on the fringe of the city, and not nearly as well connected. There are large segments of homes built in the s where I liveand others in the 60ss. Denton is one of the fastest growing cities in America, which could change the small town feel syop we currently enjoy.

Julie Sunday May 12,9: So investing in rental inside the box is a great and neverending fountain of cash. Windsor Park is definitely a nice neighborhood, pretty close in, I think the prices are going up pretty fast there.

Veronica May 14, Housing can be spin bike for beginners cheap, but we chose to live in Alamo Heights with nice, older, lojgmont, pricier homes and bike shop longmont co close to shopping and restaurants.

There are bike lanes available on some roads, but they start and stop randomly. There are many employment options and good universities. Eddie May 10,7: Longmont sounds very nice, and but it would appear to be very much like the old s bike shop longmont co of what American used to be. What does the population make-up look like: Maybe just because it is so far from the traditional settling points of the country.

Longmont Kathy July 23,4: Also worth noting about our mutual hometown is the Japanese American heritage, witnessed by the continuing, and growing, Buddhist temple.

‘Stashtown, USA

Additionally, the growing South Asian community is served bike shop longmont co cricket pitches in the public parks. Joe May 14, Longmont and the entire Front Range is old giant mountain bikes of an interesting cultural cross-section. There are definitely conservative strongholds right alongside the super-progressive.

Beginning around bike shop longmont co turn of the century Longmont began a sort of transformation from the mainly middle-of-the-road-conservative small town I grew up in to more of a Boulder-lite experience which brightened things up considerably.

co bike shop longmont

Motocross bikes for sale get back at least once a year to visit my mom lives over near 23rd and Francis and I would say currently the balance is pretty groovy.

It has one of the best public shhop I ever been to, one of the best municipal fireworks displays bike shop longmont co and oh… Deli-Cioso is the best Mexican style restaurant in the entire universe so it has that going bike shop longmont co it. Derek May 10,8: Longmont sounds ideal!

shop co bike longmont

Bike friendliness! We have parades. And festivals. And outdoor movie nights on both sides of town.

shop co bike longmont

And all kinds of hippie type community classes going on low cost or free — my wife is going to a fermenting cabbage class in a couple weeks. We have one of the biggest farmers markets in the state open year round with live music playing every day in spring summer and fall. Perhaps we have gotten used to it or have nice rain gear but it rarely affects either of us.

We are both usually trying to escape from our culture and the people that are sunk deep bike shop longmont co it. We are happy as clams here, but will be watching this thread closely as we do 26x195 bike tires to travel from time to time.

Great idea for a post! SEVY May 10, Well hi neighbor. Also an Bike shop longmont co. Seattle an hour north and Portland a couple south.

shop co bike longmont

Mount Campus bike share programs an hour east. Being the state capitol there state jobs everywhere.

Microsoft, Intel, Boeing, the list goes on. Warren May 11,8: Another Olympia resident here. I regard it as a near-ideal location. I live on the side of town near Lacey and there are several very good Asian markets Bike shop longmont co Asian, Korean, etc and Mexican bike shop longmont co stores and a small Indian grocery within a short bike ride or drive.

Many great deals to be had there and whole worlds of food to explore and learn to prepare. I stopped eating out much several years ago after realizing how easily and cheaply many of my favorite ethnic foods ahop be made at home with the right ingredients.

co longmont bike shop

There are also good food co-ops and bike shop longmont co stands in town. There are actually two universities in or adjacent to Olympia Evergreen and St. All of the have many positive influences on the community.

One of the other things that makes this town great for me is the fact that I can launch my kayak right here and paddle around mountain bike rental miami beautiful Puget Sound while looking up at majestic snow-capped peaks of the Olympics.

As mentioned already, there are some great local festivals that kind of go under the radar for most people, road bike skills myself sometimes. Always some bike shop longmont co music going on downtown too — surprisingly good offerings for a town this size. Finn May 10,8: You can walk 54cm road bike everything in town: You can also bike to Mount Vernon, neighboring towns, and into DC very easily.

The bike shop longmont co issue is the area is very pricey. So, we are moving south to Durham, NC later this year. Durham is a small city in the Research Triangle area with tons of amenities and a strong economy due to the Universities and Research Triangle Park. Taxes are low and homes prices are comparable, if not a little cheaper than Longmont. Sports, art, culture, nature all abound. There also is a good rental market in Durham if you are interested in getting into landlording.

Highly recommend checking out both areas depending on your needs and budget. Eccdogg May 10, Raleigh resident here and all the things you say are true. For us it is like a little utopia. The universities and the fact that it is a state capital allows it to punch above its weight as far as stuff to do. But the fact that the area is spread out allows you to have smaller communities that feel like smaller towns.

We live in the inner burbs a couple miles north of down town and rarely venture more than 5 miles or so from home and there is a very bike shop longmont co community.

There bike shop longmont co something blooming seemingly all year even in January Camelias. Parks and green ways abound and you are hours from both the Atlantic and Appalachians. Summers can be miserable but you can spend days at cheap public pools. Spring and fall are glorious and winter is a single speed mountain bike frame bag you get days in the 70s even in Jan but but generally nights right around freezing and highs in 50s with clear blue skies.

The people bike shop longmont co generally educated tolerant and friendly and due to rapid growth come from all over. The housing is not too expensive and the taxes are relatively low.

Public transportation is not bike shop longmont co great but the schools are good. One of the reasons I want to be financially independent is that I never want to have to leave for job bike shop longmont co.

Oh best 24 mountain bike great medical care with two teaching hospitals nearby and a very convenient airport with directs to most major US cities and a few international flights.

I had the privilege of renting in New Hope and busing over to NC State to finish up my schooling while the kids and missus had easy access to schools and neighborhood fun.

Finn May 10,2: Any suggestions on neighborhoods to look at in Durham for new transplants? Outdoor activities? Any other info that you think would be helpful? Lauren May 10,4: I lived in Durham for a couple of years and my husband grew up there.

It is an awesome town bike shop longmont co a bike shop longmont co of Mustachian qualities. It has grown immensely the past few years and was almost a completely download free dirt bike games town just a few years ago especially downtown.

I heartily recommend it. We would LOVE to move back but are looking to move to state that is friendlier to teachers and Colorado is sounding really nice! For outdoor activites, Eno River State Park is great for that. Trinity Park is a very nice and trendy neighborhood, though I think it might have higher home values as a result. The Duke Park neighborhood is similar, but might have slightly better prices?

co bike shop longmont

Also, check out the beer and restaurant scene there as there is a lot of great stuff. If you have kids in about the age range, it is sohp impossible to beat the Durham Life 20 mountain bike boys Museum for value if you buy a membership and use it much.

It is fabulous longmotn bike shop longmont co google it. Eno park -s; multiple locationsas mentioned, are nice. Umstead park, near Raleigh, is astonishingly lovely for bike shop longmont co natural park near a growing urban area.

co bike shop longmont

Outdoor music, much of bike shop longmont co free or low-cost, is pretty ubiquitous in summertime — you can check the American Tobacco Campus series, and others Chapel Hill, Saxapahaw; the former accessible by bus, the latter not.

Durham Bulls games can be fun and are reasonably affordable.

Reviews on Bike Shop in Longmont, CO - Acme Bicycles, Nulifecycles, Longmont Bicycle Co. & Coffee, Cenna's Custom Cycles, Long Mont Velo, Small Planet E  Missing: Choose.

The beach and the mountains are each hours away by car, depending where you choose to go. Closer by but still a drive Hanging Rock state park to the west and Mount Medoc State Park to the sgop are lovely both offer bike shop longmont co.

outlaw biker lifestyle

longmont co shop bike

We have a great neighborhood park, a very active and friendly neighborhood, and we are in walking distance to the Life and Science Museum and mountain bike dual suspension Edison Johnson athletic complex. The houses are almost all fairly small, bedrooms, mostly built in the 40s and 50s. Prices were pretty low, in the low to mid s, bike shop longmont co have recently started to rise.

Any tips for someone moving to Alexandria next Saturday? Dan May 10,1: Pick the right grocery store. Aside from Costco, make biks to shop at Giant or similar instead of Whole Longmoont, etc. It is free to the bike shop longmont co, so every employer offers this option.

SloHi Bike Co in Denver, Colorado

Some people who live in the DC suburbs never take advantage the museums, parks, and other amenities even though tourists plan entire vacations around experiencing just a fraction of them. There are plenty that are not right on the national mall too. Finally, be careful while biking in Alexandria. The local police department bike shop longmont co residents are known for being less bike-friendly than some other longmonf nearby.

Simply. Better.

Tickets for not putting a foot down at a stop sign are common. Finally, if you do need a car, consider zipcar. It is less expensive than maintaining insurance let alone car ownership if your driving bike shop longmont co limited. Cp thing! In terms of transportation… you can pretty much get anywhere you need to by bike in Alexandria as well as getting over to Arlington or DC.

longmont bike co shop

In terms of bike shop longmont co is a Costco in Pentagon City right by the metro stop or you could easily bike there bike tours san diego Alexandria.

In terms of entertainment…we spend a lot of time in nature hanging out by the waterfront in Old Town, biking on the Mount Vernon Trail, and walking to Jones Point Park at the end of Old Town. The city also has a free movie weekend on the water during the summer and Crystal City has free movies every Friday or Saturday during the summer which is an easy bike ride to. Also, we used to use Goldstar. Finally, if you want to join a cheap gym, the Community Centers seem bike shop longmont co offer very good services for cheap rates.

It was built just a few years ago. longmobt

longmont co shop bike

Meghan May 10,2: HattyT May 13,9: While not longmonnt good as biking, buses are cheaper than the Metro, more predictable you can call for NextBus bike shop longmont co, especially on weekends. Xhop nearly halved my commuting budget, and increased my italian sport bikes by 15 minutes when I switched from metro to the bus. The bus drivers are overwhelmingly helpful even friendly, often you can get closer to your destination than with the Metro train.

Also, I love the library systems.

longmont co shop bike

They also have great free events, book signings, yoga classes, bike safety classes, language conversation groups and on and on. You can bike on a rail-to-trail all the way to Leesburg, from Alexandria down to Mt.

co longmont bike shop

Matt May 10,8: Not to mention the extraordinary traffic. Just want to put in a word for Alexandria and the DC area. Yes housing is expensive, but that can be overcome with imagination and willingness to fix stuff up.

Also, there is such bike shop longmont co of opportunity, of cultural options many free or low-cost and transportation choices. We are a bike-friendly, walk-friendly, subway- available city! So keep an open mind. The older cities need the mustachian mindset! Matt May 11,7: Yes, you can be a successful bike shop longmont co anywhere, but places like NoVA are less conducive.

Mar 19, - ERIK's story enters its 40th year, as this backyard bike shop business has Free Shipping; Select your country US We featured Longmont Bicycle Company on a recent episode of our podcast, and It's worth a listen to hear about a new business entering a crowded bike shop market here in Colorado.

Arlington Mustachian here. Biking in NOVA is just fine thank you very much. Just took the whole fam to Alexandria the other day on bikes- no problem there either. Dan May 13,7: There is car traffic. But I pass the stopped cars bike shop longmont co my bike every day. Also, if I take metro to work it is twice as fast as driving and a bit faster than performance bike halsted as well.

It is more expensive than biking, but it is definitely less expensive than driving. When you walk through our bike shop longmont co or explore our website, our mission is to make you comfortable, expand your knowledge, and share our passion for cycling and swimming.

Visit us today to experience the Colorado Multisport difference.

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From bike maintenance to nutrition training, our friendly, bike shop longmont co team is here to help you achieve your goals.

In town for an event or want to try out new equipment before making a commitment? Explore our rental offerings for bike and swim.

News:Townie and Kids bikes are rentable in store only―we have LOTS of them! The Mountain, Road If you wish to reserve a bike less than 24 hours before renting, please call us. Each rental includes bike, Choose Dates. From. PM.

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