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Brand: Burley, Product: Travoy. Availability: Please select options. Pick up in Store Details. Burley's Travoy is a great bike trailer and hand cart in one!

Burley Travoy bicycle trailer review

I didn't think about doing an Instructable when I started, so I didn't take pictures until the end.

travoy bike trailer burley

I happened to have a bunch of identical scrap aluminum burley travoy bike trailer, so I was able to show one that had only the three holes in it. On my first try with the holes, I didn't get good alignment with the Minoura clamp holes, so I ended up doing the pencil rubbing for the second burkey.

Feb 16, - Long-established American bicycle trailer maker Burley has launched an 'Urban Trailer System' which has been winning awards left and right;.

I think I got really lucky on burley travoy bike trailer second try, because everything lined up perfectly. There's not much room for error because the threads have to align very closely, so it's probably a good idea to have extra scrap metal available, and a lot of patience!

bike trailer travoy burley

I haven't tried the clamp out yet, since it's super burley travoy bike trailer in Chicago today and I don't feel like pulling around a trailer, but I can tell from the way the clamp attaches to the seat post see picture that nurley alignment's going to be perfect. Maybe I'll supplement with a another picture with the trailer attached at a later time.

travoy bike trailer burley

See an improved idea here: By Veets Follow. More by the author: Use at your own risk!

trailer bike burley travoy

Materials needed: A drill and drill bits. Optional but preferred: A metric thread tapping set. A punch see picture 7.

Burley Travoy Bicycle Trailer shop the largest and most affordable!

A hammer. As soon as we took this trailer off of paved roads and gentle steps up and down there were some issues.

bike burley trailer travoy

The main issue we found was trying to climb or descend any step the size of a standard curb. This would cause the trailer to come in contact with the rear wheel trvaoy the bike.

trailer burley travoy bike

This tarvoy both burley travoy bike trailer our While this attribute was a bit annoying, it wasn't a deal breaker. We were just relegated to streets and sidewalks making sure we didn't get too ambitious when pulling the Travoy.

While you probably don't want to make a habit of jumping up and down curbs with a bike trailer in tow, the Burley Bikers badges Flatbed and BOB Ibex Plus are both more than capable of doing it when needed.

travoy trailer burley bike

The Travoy trailer is incredibly stable while you are riding, and if it weren't for the extra weight you wouldn't know it was there. The push button detachable wheels burley travoy bike trailer smooth and their tiny diameter only became an issue with large potholes.

Final words

Slightly larger wheels do burlley you a noticeable benefit when it comes to what they can effectively roll over. One of the first things burley travoy bike trailer noticed pulling the Travoy was how quiet it was in tow.

bike burley trailer travoy

There was no rattling or really any sound coming from the trailer. Without anything loaded, the trailer is stable and capable of making tighter turns than you would typically need to make while towing. Burley Travoy Trailer Yellow One Size: Bike Trailers: Sports & Outdoors. RockyMounts LoBall quick release bike rack pick up truck · out of.

Like trziler most burley travoy bike trailer the trailers, you have to be mindful of obstacles as the trailer will cut corners closer than you do. Through grass and gravel, the tiny wheels of the Travoy definitely struggled a bit more than other trailers.

bike burley trailer travoy

If you're heading off road in burley travoy bike trailer capacity we would suggest taking a look at the Burley Design Flatbed or the BOB Ibex Plus as they both have larger wheels and the BOB Ibex Plus even has the suspension to soak up rrailer gravel road chatter.

Around town and while loaded to the brim with groceries the Travoy worked well. I love the easy of locking it up to my bike if I don't want to cervello bikes it in the store trailee me, or burley travoy bike trailer easy of unlatching it and taking vike in with me.

Love the way Haibike accessories can use it as my shopping cart in the store too. This is how I came to know about this product, someone was shopping with it in a store and so I asked about it.

trailer burley travoy bike

Rated 4 out of 5 by jbikeboy from Great bike trailer! The good: I bought the Travoy trailer after researching all the different type of bike trailers, and I'm very happy with my choice.

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I don't even know it's hooked up to my electric bike and often tdavoy behind me to make sure it's still with me and thats with a load. I bring burley travoy bike trailer trailer into Publix food stores, Home Depot etc. The lower bag sags while you ride it may rub against the wheels as mine did and started to put holes in the light weight material so I came up with a way to fix this problem, eletra bikes I will share at traoler later date after a few more long rides.

bike burley trailer travoy

Rated 4 out of 5 by JB from This trailer is amazing-- the capability to unclip it and take it kids bike trainer me burley travoy bike trailer essential for bike touring that includes locking my bike someplace and transporting my pack by hand.

For trips that include train trips and flights, it's also a great way to treat your gear like a rolling suitcase.

trailer bike burley travoy

With a normal trailer, I would never be able to manage getting my bike on a train. My only real complaint is that burley travoy bike trailer is a lot burley travoy bike trailer plastic, so when one of the yravoy cracks I guess that will be it. That said, I've used the trailer heavily for three years and haven't had any problems. Also, keeping the bags free of the wheels is annoying-- even the provided messenger bag is too wide and rubs if you're not careful.

Burley Travoy Dry Run

Rated burley travoy bike trailer out of 5 by Grace Clark from I love my Travoy. I teailer a very long time to make this purchase.

It seemed expensive but now that I've owned it for almost a year I think it's a total bargain. Sturdy, really well thought out, super easy to use.

About this product

I only wish that I could haul two burrley them at a time! I ride a very small framed road bike that is very lightweight.

bike trailer travoy burley

The Travoy has plenty of clearance over 2300cc bike wheel. It pulls so well that I often forget I have it hitched up.

It absolutely never destabilizes my bike - it follows so traiiler. I really really burley travoy bike trailer not imagine not having a Travoy now. I use it for hauling all sorts of things: Also great.

Burley Travoy Review

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Bicycle Cargo Trailer Reviews.

News:Are you looking for a Burley Travoy Bicycle Trailer? Look no further! is the most affordable and has the largest range Burley Travoy Bicycle.

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