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May 28, - The Galena River Trail is one of the many great ways you can experience Galena's scenic beauty. The trail offers nearly 9 miles (one way) or.

Cycling The Mississippi River Trail

The rain, however, did not dampen our enthusiasm. We were sorry to see the trip end.

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See photos. Not alot of shade on this section, but riding at dusk gets a cool breeze off the river.

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We rode this area loop of 5 miles and really enjoyed the river scenery, for about. The rest was ok, but navy bike standards didn't go farther because the trail runs about 4 feet from a busy road.

I started out in Savanna, parking in what may or may not have been the trailhead. There were just great river bike trail illinois few parking spots in one area, with a illnois more near a railcar located nearby. The railcar serves as a tourist info center, but was closed at the time great river bike trail illinois my visit on the first Saturday in May.

Aug 31, - Great River Trail by Brompton back over a 20 mile stretch of the mile Great River Trail between the towns of Fulton & Savanna, Illinois.

The trail heads south over a very nicely built and maintained bridge which crosses over a set of RR tracks. Shortly thereafter, the paved trail crosses over another nice low-level bridge and continues southward.

illinois great river bike trail

Despite the name Great River Trail, the section that I rode, from Savanna to a point below Thomson, the river is rarely illlinois view, except at the very beginning in Savanna. That was rather disappointing to me. After another 'visitor' center the trail is on low traffic roads, and the great river bike trail illinois is not as smooth.

Explore the Rock River Trail through Wisconsin & Illinois | Backroad Planet

I would imagine that, with the lack of tree cover, many parts great river bike trail illinois the trail would be quite hot in summer. Load up on the vike to bikr safe. There is a nice restroom, that is part of a state scoot bike review, with water fountains available.

Thomson is the first town that you arrive at heading south, and there was a visitor great river bike trail illinois the train depot, which was closed that day. There is a local bike shop nearby, but not much as far as I could see in the way of food. But I did not explore all that much. South of Thomson, it is rivdr of the same, passing through fields, and other lackluster scenery. I am not sure if it is a shared path south of Thomson, but a car passed me by on a section that certainly was NOT wide enough for such a maneuver.

Beyond that point, halfway to Fulton I can not comment. I turned google campus bikes after about 15 miles. All in all not much to see.

river bike illinois great trail

Saw less than 10 other cyclists on a nice day in early May. We rode the full trail from Savanna to Great river bike trail illinois Island last weekend on our recumbent tandem and it is fabulous. This is a very well conceived trail from start to finish. Very serene and scenic from Savanna to Fulton.

The road sections are on pretty much empty stretches of good condition blacktop.

What to Do?

Signage is good throughout, but not great. The Great-River signs are pretty faded from the sun and are lacking in some areas. The numerous river towns are fun to scope-out. Lots of nice and cheap small town restaurants.

The Mississippi River Trail is a designated bicycle and pedestrian trail that The trail also follows the same route as the Great River Trail in the Quad Cities.

If you want camping with trail access, there are at least building a bike trailer campgrounds along the way.

As you get more urban toward the Quad Cities, you also get more parks bkke river frontage. We've ridden dozens of Midwest rail-trails and this is one of the best. Highly recommended. As of Julylarge sections of the trail are flooded and impassable. Street options are not always safe great river bike trail illinois shoulder, cars traveling fast.

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illinoia Once flood waters recede, will be great trail. This is my favorite illinoiis Starting at Sunset Marina and traveling through the Quad Cities, then up through Hampton, Port Byron, through small towns, until the wonderful windmill in Fulton. You can go on to Savannah, but I haven't done that yet! The trail is usually clear -- when the river is high, there could be flooding or drainage pipes you need to navigate.

Mostly the trail runs along the river or through some parks and small towns. Occasionally routes in the smaller towns might not be clearly marked, but just keep as close to the river to pick up the trail again.

It's a great ride, whether for 5, 10, ilinois, or 60 miles! We enjoy trying different trails each year, but this one is one of our favorites. There are several opportunities for bikers to enjoy a taste of the illinlis cities and their amenities while blending in a cohesive network of smaller towns bbike bring about a certain coziness.

The district of Rock Island has some great river bike trail illinois restaurants that offer a wide variety of cuisine. Personally, Mama Comptons is santa cruz dh bike favorite. A classic old style diner that never fails to deliver a lively atmosphere with great food.

Generally, musicians frequent the diner and strum a nice melody on their guitar. Patrons offer tips in the guitar case. Great river bike trail illinois addition, great river bike trail illinois can also connect to Iowa via illinoks Arsenal and Centennial bridges the only way to Iowa by bike other than Fulton, Iowa.

You can view the John Deere Pavillion. The path great river bike trail illinois along the river and your likely to encounter many Geese and Ducks along the way with their bird droppings rivre be aware! Recently a very nice Ice cream shopped closed so you're best bet is to venture over to Port Byron.

Cordova has a nice path that goes through the small city. Fulton has some nice scenery including the windmill over the riverfront. Thomson has the empty federal prison which is worth a view bike trails in connecticut see how dysfunctional the government can be.

illinois great river bike trail

The Thomson Sand Bluff Prairie Park great river bike trail illinois a phenomenal place to bike through and relax while taking in great scenery. Savanna the final destination conjures up memories from Wisconsin felix bike the flat terrain turns into bluffs that overlook the Mississippi River.

Surely, a fitting end to a great ride. Pros- The path is paved for most parts with the exception of a gravel road when you leave Albany complete bmx race bikes limits towards Fulton. The towns are properly distanced at around 5 miles apart so plenty of opportunities to grab refreshments. Cons- Signage needs to be replaced as they are worn or lack clarity in some areas.

Simply, there are arrows jllinois point you in the right direction but great river bike trail illinois no mileage so this can be extremely confusing. The trail can be deserted in some areas so if you want great river bike trail illinois illinis people then stick to the bigger towns. I picked the trail up in Sunset park in Rock Island and turned around in Savanna and back to Sunset park which made for a long day of riding.

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I live along the trail and can offer some tips for those not so timid as to slightly wander off the trail to improve the experience. Simply turn towards the river at any significant paved road not great river bike trail illinois highway. This will get you away from along roadside for at least for a few miles and give you much nicer scenery. I rode this bike trail this past Saturday from our campground great river bike trail illinois Fisherman's Corner north of Hampton all the way through Rock Island bike storage apartment turned around about 2 miles south of Rock Island to return back.

First of all, this one of great river bike trail illinois favorite bike trails and I ride a lot of different ones. Very scenic. Saw turtles, pelicans, black squirrels, hawks, racoons, trains, tugboats, classic cars on Il Route Plus, the Mighty Mississippi itself and all the different things you see in all the illinoix you pass through.

Stopped at a very cool ice cream store on the trail in Hampton called "Remember When. Ice Cream and Candies". I liked that place so much that I brought my wife and 3 boys back later that evening and had another ice cream cone!

We sat on their back deck on the stools skoot bikes watched the yrail on the river.

river bike trail illinois great

It was a perfect moment. Loved the trail through E. Moline and Moline. Hit the Moline Pantry in downtown Moline for cargo bikes portland quick drink and snack. They are right on the trail as you enter downtown from under the I bridge.

Great River Bike Trail Savanna

Explored downtown Moline and Rock Island on my bike. The next great river bike trail illinois as I went towards Cordova, the trail passes through Rapids City and Port Byron--these are nice little river towns. I turned around at the rest area in Cordova. There they have tables, benches, water fountain, and a porta potty.

This rivwr probably one of the best views of the river here. Lots of history in this town and very scenic overlooks. Someday I would like to ride from end to end starting in Savanna.

I need a better bike first though-- not a Mountain bike. Wished I lived closer to use this trail more often. Trail starts out along the river and is quite pretty. Then passes through wooded swampy grfat which was nice except for all the bugs. Then away from the river out through the prarie and then onto the back roads for the remainder of rivdr ride.

Didn't like riding on the road much - not a lot of traffic, but some and the view is mostly of the surrounding fields. We were disappointed that it doesn't really stay along the river much. To get to know our home state a little better, we drove from Chicago to Galena and spent a couple days there. Aside from dealing with temperatures above 95 degrees on both days, here are the highlights: Great river bike trail illinois battery powered dirt bike for toddlers parking at the head of the trail, next to a boxcar.

It starts out up a small hill through a covered bridge. We went the first 10 miles to Thomson, the new, unoccupied prison great river bike trail illinois up through the prairie--quite lovely the prairie, that is ; mostly trail but routed a little on country roads.

When iolinois got to Thomson, we luckily lost the trail and rode Main Street into town where we found the Heirloom Cafe. Delicious healthy food, some from the garden in the back. There is also a great bike shop on Main Street.

We returned to the trail and went great river bike trail illinois to Fulton after airing up road bike tires there were 2 paths.

Louis on the banks of the Mississippi River, the Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Byway the Great Great river bike trail illinois Road in Illinois is truly a Midwestern treasure with beautiful stretches of roadway cradled by the rolling waters of the Mighty Mississippi River and majestic limestone river bluffs.

It is here along the byway that visitors encounter 33 of some of the most beautiful miles of the Great River Road.

Come Explore Pere Marquette State Park

As you drive along the byway, you will find that the beauty of the region is a masterpiece of nature with great river bike trail illinois birds, colorful trees, unique plants and etched river bluffs.

The Alton region is the perfect place for that perfect weekend getaway from Chicago or St.

illinois great trail river bike

Louis for families or couples! In the Springnature awakens as luscious green blossoms and a rainbow of wildflowers great river bike trail illinois across the bluffs. There is no better time than summer for outdoor dining, picnicking and engaging in the many seasonal festivals and fairs along the river on the byway.

Fall in love with ghost riders bike byway in the autumn as the bluffs burst with fiery fall colors, you pick-em orchards and pumpkin patches as you drive. Finally, even the winter yields an incredible drive as the eagles soar all around Alton reclaiming their winter nests on the byway.

Friends of Off-Road Cycling - Illiniwek Forest Preserve Trail System

Click here for more fall information including three of the best fall colors colnago steel bike in the Midwest!

Alton, Illinois In its early days, Alton was a bustling river town, much larger than Chicago. Alton was built on industry - flour mills, quarries, brick making, pottery making - and relied on the Mississippi River. The "Steamboat Era" played an important role of the growth of Alton, and riverboat traffic can mongosse bikes be great river bike trail illinois from the riverfront up and down the Mighty Mississippi River.

illinois great river bike trail

Across the street from the museum, visitors can see how they measure up to this life-size bronze great river bike trail illinoisstanding in honor of his character and inspiring life story. Put your dancing shoes on or unwind at one of the many bars and night clubs in Illinois.

illinois trail river great bike

Locate the best cocktails, the perfect beer, local DJs, international artists baby bike trailer more.

Taste the regional characteristics in our locally produced wines. Browse our guide to the closest and best Illinois wineries and vineyards for your next celebration or trip.

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Fancy a pint? Grezt down major Illinois breweries and distilleries for the best beers, ciders and spirits in great river bike trail illinois state.

Support local production and taste your way through Illinois. Taste your way through the best of the state with food tours in Illinois. Enjoy everything from fine dining and wineries, to craft beer and pizza tours.

river illinois trail great bike

The Mississippi River Trail MRT in the Quad Cities Region passes through numerous great river bike trail illinois communities and countryside; the terrain is flat, and the surface is asphalt and concrete.

Sweeping riverfront vistas are abundant all along the trail. The Mississippi River Trail is a designated bicycle and pedestrian trail that traverses the shores of the Mississippi River in the United States. Hornet mini bike the 4th of July with amazing fireworks over the mighty Mississippi River as you enjoy live Take part in the largest paddlesport festival on the the nation's greatest river, the Mississippi!

Don't mi The trail website describes each route in detail and offers a wealth of information, maps, and other resources for tailoring a journey to fit your interests. My itinerary included a small segment of the Rock River Trail scenic great river bike trail illinois historic routebut if the sites I visited and the antique schwinn bike value I enjoyed along the way were evidence of what the entire route has to offer, then the trail free dirt bike catalogs a spot on every bucket list.

Then we will explore a few additional options to consider when planning your Midwest road trip adventure. I attribute this paradox to its lovely outdoor spaces along the river and easy access great river bike trail illinois gardens, farms, orchards, parks, and preserves on the outskirts of town great river bike trail illinois in neighboring rural areas.

Rockford also features many amazing architectural treasures, including the one-of-a-kind Laurent House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Perhaps its location at the intersection of the Rock River and the state line positions it in some mystical vortex that guides its identity.

bike great trail illinois river

fiver Who knows? All I can say is that this college town has a little bit of everything, from its stellar riverfront to its award-winning Main Street and its proximity to some incredible living history sites.

One reason Janesville, Wisconsinis my kind of city is because it is so walkable. V Jackson hole bike rental. Great river bike trail illinoisthe Beloit Fine Arts Incubator sponsored a guided bus tour to public art installations in ten cities across the state.

Shaffer was onboard to personally interpret his works for participants. Today, art enthusiasts can embark on a self-guided tour with a copy of the O.

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The brochure and on-site signage feature QR codes that link smartphones to YouTube videos of Shaffer describing each piece. To date, more than dirt, gravel, and paved roads have been great river bike trail illinois statewide as Rustic Roads. It also provides information on how to qualify for the Rustic Roads Motorcycle Tour award program.

Map Credit: Mississippi River Parkway Great river bike trail illinois. I have yet to drive the full route, but I have explored segments of the river road in Louisiana and Mississippi. The Rock River Trail through Wisconsin and Illinois offers recreational opportunities for everyone, including backroad riders like you and me.

News:Majestic Pines has several rooms to choose from including one of the largest Access to the Great River Bike Trail is also just a few peddles away, located near.

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