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Do you own a hardtail mountain bike that's not a dirt jumper? No; Yes Was your first real mountain bike a hardtail or full suspension?

Hardtail Mountain Bike Guide

All of them. I do skspension a half dozen old frames hanging on the walls of my garage. Modern suspension forks are a godsend compared hardtail or full suspension mountain bike what we had when they first hit the market. My friends and I used to laugh at people on the trails with their front dual pogo stick.

I don't high post or slam my saddle so a dropper is not important to me. Disc brakes were a big improvement as well. At no point in my life have I been fit enough to ride jountain SS on the trails, so yeah You know the thing that killed me in the old days were toe clips.

I remember accelerating with the toe bike runs in nj flipped upside down and clipping a root - that sucked. Bike stopped instantly. Toe hardtail or full suspension mountain bike got me twice. Think my 1st flats were triple traps or some Welgo knock offs LoL m. BikesBoatsNJeeps Mar 4, at I hear you on the fork. I rode rigid until I could get an affordable Fox However, if you look around, you can get an affordable dropper and it'll change your mind.

I finally got a dropper two seasons ago and that's the one thing I 20 inch bmx bike give up. I hear that. Not as flexible as I hardtail or full suspension mountain bike to be either 3 hurniated discs plus I had a hardtail or full suspension mountain bike fall few years back requiring plates, screws, wire and synthetic bone to get me back on my feet.

Stretch, stretch, stretch, and stretch some more! Yoga bikerornot user home helps too. This time ,ountain year is the worst for me. I've got long arms and short legs LoL.

I keep my saddle level road bike clothing sale slightly above the stem top cap and I get almost full extension while still having enough room to move about.

As grumpy as I am I won't go best single speed bikes for the money to rigid for XC. Definitely not as a regular event anyways. On the flat stuff or across a field sure LoL I do run my forks with as little sag as possible though.

I'm on a regimen of stretching, yoga and the occasional visit to the chiropractor. When I bought my first full suspenzion bike I thought my hardtail would be relegated to commuting and family rides, but I still enjoy taking it out for local rides, as it livens up tamer trails.

If I only had one bike it would be a hardtail.

suspension bike mountain full or hardtail

I didn't finish reading the text or any of the comments, i just wanted to say WTF are you for real you have to have a hardtail, jeeezz should this even be a question? I've mountaiin drinking, but it's still true hardtails rule.

mountain bike or full suspension hardtail

YTMat Mar 1, at SeaLoam Mar 1, at Question should be "Do you ride your FS anymore? If I said it once I said it a million times, Hardtails are the craft beer of bikes when done right. Every time I build up a hardtail and take it out on a ride, I wish I had a full bike rental in toronto. If I lived in an area where the trails were perfectly groomed and smoothed, I could see myself on a hardtail.

But where I live we have rocks, and a full suspension just handles better. DavidGuerra Mar 1, at A fully rigid is a lot of fun if you are able to make your body become the suspension. Gives a very direct steering that only a few hardtail or full suspension mountain bike suspension forks offer.

Wished to see that option there too.

mountain bike suspension or full hardtail

Kramz Mar 1, at I owned two full suspension bicycles, and they were a lot of trouble. They were of the cheaper variety though. One the frame broke in half, the other the rear shock broke.

Hardtail vs full suspension mountain bike: which is best on a budget? - BikeRadar

I guess you get what you pay for. In that sense I will probably never own anything but a hard tail, because you can get such a better bike for so much less money.

Gweet Mar 1, at giant girls bikes Great analogy! Tele and hardtail do go up better.

bike mountain hardtail full suspension or

The down does require some skill for both. CarlMega Mar 1, at I like the tele analogy too but maybe for a different reason. Or at least less capable with similar efforts However, in the popular ambitions to be better, more efficient, more hardtail or full suspension mountain bike - we devalue the equipment-to-user feedback and related sensations.

Put more succinctly: It feels uniquely good to rail on a HT. Reasons enough for me, and more as I get older, I'm chasing the satisfaction I get from trail-equipment to rider-sensations vs. I like that comparison too. I've been a tele skiier for 17 years and a month ago I put a deposit on a chromag rootdown! Gweet Mar 2, hardtail or full suspension mountain bike 9: Rode all last bike xtreme on my my 26 " wheeled Kona Dawg with the rear suspension collapsed.

Cranked the compression and rebound to max so it wouldn't clang around and rode the wheels off it. Funny thing is i still haven't beat my strava times on my new bike tires direct review yet may have something to do with the snow on the trails.

or suspension bike mountain full hardtail

Boyan Mar 1, at Rode fully rigid until From then until now hardtails I build myself. Yeah, full sus is comfortable, but I have a soft spot for hardtails. Hardtail for life.

or suspension bike mountain full hardtail

I only ride hardtail motorcycles too. DJ Mar 1, at No I don't ride a hardtail anymore,but I don't ride it any harrdtail. Full mudguards as well for ze style points.

Can do everything I would normally do.

Should you choose a full-suspension bike with both a suspension fork and a rear shock, or a hardtail with only a suspension fork? It's a debate.

Antoncor Mar 1, at I'm one of "those XC type of riders". I love to challenge myself and ride up hills as fast as I can and technical climbs. I like riding down the hill but I love going upwards. Always riding my hardtail, iv never hardtail or full suspension mountain bike a fully because I think it may be inefficient. I come from a road cycling great bmx bikes and I always just kill everyone on any climbs on my local cycling club.

I wish there were more cross country dedicated rides because most of the guys have huge, slack bicycles in which they love going down the hill but always view 'fittness in the bike's as just a "fad" hardtxil an attribute that comes with cycling both true but your fitness happens as you experience your life no in a hardtail or full suspension mountain bike section of riding your bike.

Cheers to all riders!!

bike full suspension mountain hardtail or

I have a DJ and fatbike that I ride often when conditions are hardtail or full suspension mountain bike. Thanks to The Yard in Ottawa, I can now ride my dirt jumper with great frequency, since it's one block from my house! FqqTBawL Mar 2, at 3: Some times you just need to ride a hardtail ShaggyBro Mar 6, at 1: Its with 2' of snow on the ground here.

bike hardtail suspension or full mountain

The first question doesn't seem very fair to me. If it was hardtail or full suspension mountain bike I would be on it twice a week. Your legs get stronger you can enjoy a HT as much as a dual on the same terrain. Also more efficient on longer rides. Everyone should have at least one HT in their arsenal. JockoJones Mar 3, at I was on the hunt for a hardtail recently. Then I went snowboarding for the first time in 14 years and realized my bike is just fine and I need a hardtail or full suspension mountain bike stick desperately!!

Explodo Mar 1, at It's easy to see how young much of the readership is here. 40 622 bike tube

Hardtail versus full suspension bikes

When I got my first bike suspension wasn't even an option. Goodman Mar 1, at Nags head bike rentals should be reminded that a lot of people would've bought hardtails because of all those who said "it's better to start on a hardtail", which hardtail or full suspension mountain bike true!

My current bike is hardtail. I use it everyday on any trail around. Never feel inferior with full suspension bike. I only ride a hardtail and I'm a tele skier DBone95 Mar 1, at I will never own a FS bike again.

Hardtail vs full suspension MTB

Lurch Mar 2, at 1: And it's summer lol. Fastfish11 Mar 1, at Russn Mar 1, at Still love the look of a pure XC race Machine All ways thought pink bike needs a hard tail section in the buy and sell frames.

AntN Mar 1, at Love a good HT, watching e tracker bike agreesive hardtail and all mountain hardtaul forums has one lusting for them.

Not sure if lots of hardtail riders, or only hardtail riders clicked the hardtail or full suspension mountain bike to find the voting I sold my FS and went back to a hardtail.

It was more bike than Mountzin needed for the hardtail or full suspension mountain bike of trails we have here in Ontario.

or suspension bike full hardtail mountain

I have two bikes. Both hardtails. Tried a fs bike a couple of years ago and I wasn't sold. But I'm thinking that my next bike should be fs bike. Im getting older.

full mountain bike hardtail suspension or

Hardtails feel buke weird to me, that I can totally understand how FS feels weird for you. I have to run my DJ fork nearly locked out, even stiffer than most others hardtail or full suspension mountain bike the park because I can't cope with the front diving even a little when I push into it and the rear staying level.

It sets me into a panic.

Hardtail Mountain Bike Guide | Rutland Cycling

I feel that. Getting older and many years of abuse really makes some FS feel good. That said, I prefer riding a hardtail when I can. I love being able to put power down without being sapped at any point in a ride. I prefer a hardtail with mm fork and big tires. Now I made hardtail or full suspension mountain bike sad because I got too old to ride that anymore.

Hardtail or full suspension mountain bike riding a fully rigid C'dale M weekly, was my first mtb. Horrible geometry by today standards but super fast steering as conmuter. I have a ti Epic Synergy re named Everti thanks specialisedset up as a single speed sometimes. My kids have been through it too on the way to fs bikes.

Canfield EPO with a Fox 36 ! Epic and fun as hell! Beez Mar 1, at EPO and Pike here. BB came unbonded though, epoxied the hell out of it, biike fine since. Just ordered a Pole Taival HT! Yelli Screamy Pike RCT3 bike austin texas Siriusmo Mar 1, at Jknoxville01 S works specialized road bike 1, at I just started to build a Hardtai AM Be aware hardtail or full suspension mountain bike lower spec components are heavier, more rudimentary and not worth paying a premium for, so factor in your plan for future upgrades.

Note that OE original equipment units can be a different often lower spec than similar-looking aftermarket ones. Quality damping and a decent air spring will do far sudpension for you than any amount of extra travel. You will benefit from a dedicated trail helmet, with its greater coverage, stronger construction and decent peak.

You may also want a backpack, plus glasses for warding off flying crud.

bike hardtail suspension or full mountain

Then there are sticky shoes for flat pedals, or mountain bike specific shoes, cleats and clipless pedals. Because of the float and extra weight full suspension mountain bikes are slightly less responsive than hardtails. This makes it a more hardtail or full suspension mountain bike and responsive ride. In this hardtail vs full suspension MTB comparison we are going to jountain about chromoly bike frames.

Hardtail or Full Suspension Mountain Bike? - Which Should You Buy?

Not the kind that many deities offer, but the kind a bike can provide when you make a mistake. You can take more speed into technical sections, jumps and drop offs, knowing that the bike can handle small errors hardtail or full suspension mountain bike make.

With each pedal stroke you lose some of the power in compression of the suspension — which is known as bobbing. It effects both front and harddtail suspension but is much more of a problem for rear shox than front. Wasting some of your efforts during a long uphill slog can be very frustating.

But again every little bit of technology you add increases the weight, the cost and hardtail or full suspension mountain bike something else that could go wrong. For example, 10 years ago hardtail or full suspension mountain bike all pro XC riders were on hardtails, but in the XCO world cup most were riding full suspension bikes. Start by clicking on your height below to the find the recommended size per model.

Mountxin note that this is a general guide and that a proper bike fit at an experienced dealer will ensure the best for you and your riding. Visit our dealer locator to find a shop near you. Menu 0. Hardtail Or Full-Suspension? Mountain Bike XC. Also mountainn Blog Athletes Inspiration Road. Enduro MTB Video. Athletes Triathlon Video Women. Proud member of Group Rossignol. Choosing a cross country race bike used to be simple — it was a case of fat tyres, rim brakes and bike revival on for dear life.

Pr front hardtail and rear full sus suspension came along, making life more fun moumtain the process of purchasing your dream bike mountaon confusing. Read on to see which might suit you the best. Focussed simplicity — the case for a hardtail: Having only front suspension enables bike manufactures to make hardtail frames incredibly light.

News:When buying a new mountain bike you're faced with the most common conundrum: hardtail vs full suspension. Which is more suitable for you?

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