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How to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke - How to Diagnose Carburetor Problems in Your Motorcycle

How much would it cost to pay a shop to do a carb clean on my bike? A single-cylinder dirt bike has an easily accessible carb you can honestly . Sorry to necro a thread - but I did a little Googling to decide just how badly I I have to pursue him for 2 weeks, and finally tell him if he can't get it done by.

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Slide and wiggle and carb back into the rubber boots. Tighten the screws on the clamps to bike size age the carb into place. Install the fuel line and overflow line to the carb. The last step of the project will be to wtroke your air and idle screw, to do this the engine must be running. If you want to increase the idle, screw the idle screw in. Screw the air screw out to richen and in to lean out.

Jul 4, - How to Clean Out or Rebuild your Motorcycle's Carburetor And you'll definitely need to pick up a can or two of this Maxima Contact Cleaner. and, depending on the model of your carburetor, there can be 2, 3 or 4 of them.

Question 1 year ago on Introduction. Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Reply 1 year ago. Depends on what gas you use. Pump gas? I use leaded, same gas i run in my performance vehicles I can go drain gas from a horrendous fuel system damaged due to ethanol and run a tank of leaded and it'll look brand new when you fill up again. This is a great guide. A real easy way with an Ultrasonic Cleaner.

The sound waves get to the parts that are hard to get to and the job is how to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke in about 15 minutes. For more info:. I have the same bike only in a Where does the hose connect on the right side stgoke of the carb? Not all carbs are identical. Take lots of pictures as stroe take yours apart so you'll know how all the pieces go kmart boys bikes together.

Start while the carb is still how to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke the engine so you know how the bke goes back on. You never know how long it might be until you get around to putting it back on. Don't trust it to clwan. Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. THE best advice! I always do this.

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Did it with brakes, half axles, I even did it when I had to replaces the water pressure tank system in my basement. So glad I did! I am going to do it myself this time! I think I can do this. I have never tried but I am about to give it my best! Varnish and crud just melts away. Reply 5 years ago on Introduction.

This was a fantastic walk-through for removing and cleaning a carb I am how to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke complete novice, and it was the best and most-detailed instruction I could find. I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp best road bike tires 2014 information. Like my articles and How-To videos? Enter your name and email to get notified when new content becomes kenda bike. No spam.

Where did all the two-strokes go?

No BS. No sharing email. Liked it? Take a second to support Matthew on Patreon! Matthew January 21, 8: Jim, When you close the throttle and decelerate, the engine runs lean, and can pop through the exhaust. Give me a bit more info: Michael September 11, 9: Matthew September 12, 5: Michael, The pod filters may or may not let more air in at idle.

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Randomly dies on highway. Jetting may or may not be related to this issue. Michael September 12, 8: Matthew September 12, 8: BH July 11, 7: Matthew October 30, tp Joey November 25, 1: Matthew November 25, 1: Joey, When does it backfire?

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Matthew November 25, 2: Joey November 25, 2: Matthew November 25, 3: Joey November entry level downhill bike, 3: Stuart January 7, Matthew January 9, 5: Stuart January 9, 2: I should have said it is a sherco trials bike. Matthew January 10, 3: Matt January 22, 5: So not boke tech question, but is that a Yamaha XS series bike in the video?

Matthew January 23, 5: Matthew your the man, great site! Matthew January 24, 3: Jimmi, Thanks for the compliments! Michael February 10, 9: Matthew February 11, how to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke Hi, Michael. Michael February 11, 9: Thanks again. Matthew February 13, 5: Thanks for the celan, Michael.

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Jared March 30, 6: Matthew April 4, 5: Jared, If it will only run on starting fluid, then the carb is not delivering fuel. Have you performed a compression test? Fat tire touring bike April 2, Thank you, Allan. Allan, The fuel and pilot screw will have a spring on it.

Mark April 20, 3: Matthew April 22, 6: Mark, There probably is some way to adjust the fuel mixture via a pilot air or lcean screw.

How to Clean a Carburetor on an ATV | AxleAddict

Mark April 25, 4: Matthew April 26, 6: Manie May 6, 5: Matthew May 8, 6: Manie May 8, 3: Bike ride in houston Pfeiffer May 7, 9: All carbs should have the same fuel screw setting, for example, all should be how to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke turns out.

Please explain what you mean by rich and carburrtor fuel out? The cpean, is it a bog lean or rich sputter?

List all mods and what your current temp and altitude are.

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Brent Pfeiffer May 8, 6: Matthew May 8, 8: Brent, Lightly seat all pilot fuel screws and turn them all out the same, about 2 or 3 turns.

All screws need to be the same amount of turns out. Do this and we go from there.

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Also my temp is around 70s right now and altitude is s above sea level. Brent Pfeiffer May 8, Matthew May 9, 8: Brent Pfeiffer May 9, 3: Brent How to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke May 9, 4: Brent Pfeiffer May 10, 9: Matthew May 11, 6: Brent, Good to hear you made progress.

Brent Pfeiffer Cadburetor 11, Matthew May 12, 6: Brent Pfeiffer May 12, 7: Matthew May 13, 5: Brent Pfeiffer May 13, 5: More throttle does make it go away. Matthew May 13, 7: Also, is the timing advance adjustable? Too much advance can cause bucking like you strokr.

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Brent Pfeiffer May 13, Matthew May 13, 1: Does that make sense? Brent Pfeiffer May 13, 1: Matthew May 14, 5: Brent Pfeiffer May 14, 7: Matthew Strroke 14, Brent Pfeiffer May 20, 4: Matthew May 21, 5: Brent Pfeiffer May 21, 9: Brent Pfeiffer May 26, 4: Matthew May 27, 1: Good job Brent!

Glad to hear it worked out.

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Are you going to move on paint road bike the needle and main?

John May 31, 7: Matthew June 2, 9: Dom June 3, 2: Matthew June 4, 5: Dom, What rubber hose? Dom June 5, Matthew June 5, 1: Dom, If the boots are cracked, replace them.

Inside the Float Chamber

Electric tape, RTV, etc. Matthew June 12, 9: Tony, It is easy to check for vacuum leaks: Darren July 3, 3: I have mains, and 45 pilots i believe… the popping is finally gone about 3 turns out on pilot screw.

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Matthew July 3, 8: Darren, Popping with open pipes is to mogoose bikes expected. Andrej July 21, 9: Matthew July 21, 3: Andrej, I believe that carb is fitted with a how to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke air screw on engine side of carb. Have you tried to turn the screw out to achieve highest RPM?

Andrej July 21, 3: Matthew, thank you for the new balance bike response. Matthew July 22, 9: That screw meters air. If it idles best all the way in, it wants more fuel. Andrej July 22, Matthew July 22, The smoke is mainly a darker shade of gray to black. The plug is wet.

Matthew July 22, 1: Andrej July 29, 3: Matthew July 29, 5: John August 4, 9: Matthew August hkw, 8: Hey John, You mentioned vacuum leaks. Are they all gone now?

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If not, you have to longmont bike shops care of them. Andrej August 11, 8: Matthew August 11, Andrej, If you slowly roll on the throttle will it die?

Andrej August 11, Here is some reading: Andrej August carbhretor, 3: Matthew August 14, 6: Andrej, I think you are almost there. Try the the 4 stroke needle jet and report back.

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John August 11, 7: Matthew August 12, 5: John, Let me back up a bit and ask what the compression is on each cylinder and are the valves adjusted if applicable? Brent August 17, 9: Matthew August 19, 6: Brent, If it razor mini dirt bike good at a certain vlean and all of a sudden started running bad, it is not the settings.

Brent August 19, 4: Brent August 19, 5: Brent August 19, 8: Matthew August 20, 6: Valve adjustment and carb synch should always be done before carb tuning. Also no vacuum carburetpr. Brent August 20, 7: Matthew August 20, 7: Brent, Carb how to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke is most important at idle and least important at WOT.

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Try the size up you have and see what happens. Brent August 20, 8: Matthew September off road mini bike kits, 5: Brent, I would cruise around and cause the bike to hesitate like you mentioned.

Can you double check for vacuum leaks? Spray carb clean everywhere from cylinder head to airbox! Matthew September 30, 8: How to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke, You probably had a stuck float. Matthew October 1, 7: Brent, Sounds like you covered all bases.

I would drill slide hole as a last resort, however maybe someone drilled it out too large? Matthew October 1, A larger hole will cause the how to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke to lift slower.

Matthew October 9, Brent, Try tuning the fuel screws at engine temp of Sounds like you are VERY close if not there. So what size pilots are you currently at? Matthew October 10, 5: Brent, I just want to say good job on not giving up and fixing it yourself! Matthew October 27, Do you always run VP? Probably overkill for this engine. Hook up a vacuum gauge to petcock and see if it will hold vacuum. If it bleeds off, replace it.

Matthew October 30, 6: Let me know what happens when you get the tps working properly.

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Matthew November 6, 1: Matthew November 12, 8: Give it 2 drain and fills and it will be OK. Andrej August 20, Matthew August 21, Andrej August 21, 1: Andrej August 24, 2: Matthew August 25, 6: Here is more reading on the topic: Andrej August 25, 6: Matthew August 27, 8: Andrej How to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke 27, 8: Matthew August 27, 9: Matthew December 2, 5: Ok good idea.

Carbon mountain bike forks will try that. And let you know what i find. Tyler April 27, 8: Matthew Bochnak April 28, 7: Hi Tyler, The fuel screw is located on the bottom of the carb near the carb bkke.

Kami Penhasi June 11, Matthew Bochnak June 13, 5: Kami Penhasi June 16, 3: Matthew Bochnak June 17, 8: Pull the spark plug and take a look at what color it is. Email me a pic.

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Anthony Hovanjec August 2, 9: Matthew Bochnak August 3, 5: Jarrett Hunt February 20, 4: Biks would this work on a bike with two carbs? Matthew Bochnak February 21, 7: Bruce Branstad July 25, Matthew Bochnak July 25, Hi Bruce, I would look up and see what the stock pilot jet size is.

Bike mexican lowrider bike real nice!

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Matt, Thanks. The tank is from my 87 XLR. Any advice will on this bike would also be appreciated. Matthew Bochnak July 25, 1: Bruce Branstad July 28, 2: Sign In. Register Account. Mobility Scooter and Power Chair Parts. Recreational Scooter Parts. Street Scooter Parts. Wheelchair Parts. Lift Chair Parts. Kick Scooter Parts. Tools Tubes Wheels.

Mobility Aid Parts.

Cleaned carb, now bike wont start

Shop By Brand. A Brands. Diggler Drive Medical Dynacraft. Falcon Fatboy Foldawheel.

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Freedom Freerider Fuzion. Genuine Go-Go Golden. GT Guardian Sunrise Medical.

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Jazzy Jet Jetson Jonway. Lambretta Lashout Levo by Dane Technologies. Lucky Scooters Lyft. Quantum Quickie. Uber Scoot UltraLite. Venom Vento Vespa Vintage Vespa. Wheelcare Windermere Motion. X-Treme Xcooter Xiaomi Xootr. Yamaha Yerf-Dog Yvolution.

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If it does, you must also make sure that the pump is squirting when the throttle is opened. If everything is clean and checked out, the carb should be ready for reassembly.

Make sure to gun bike the air or fuel screws and the idle adjustment back to where they were. Without installing the carb, connect it to the how to clean a dirt bike carburetor 2 stroke line. Turn on the fuel, then open the throttle. Watch for a thin stream of fuel to squirt from the front side of the carb. Until you see the squirt, the carb is not clean and ready to be back on the ATV.

Install that carb and see if the vehicle starts and runs well.

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That will let you know whether you did a good job. In some cases, with small bikes, no amount of cleaning gets the carburetor back to stock performance. In those cases, a new carburetor is required, but that is a rare event. Next Post Which famous athlete will win? Mini bike motorcycle might also like More from author.

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How to Disassemble and Clean A Dirt Bike's Carburetor

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News:Jan 17, - Today, I will be instructing you how to clean an ATV carburetor. I will be Any oil injection (2-stroke only) and idle lines must also be removed.

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