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May 13, - Great journeys on a bike often begin with humdrum shuttles to the start. Marilyn and Mike offered to pick me up in Vantage along the Columbia Like the John Wayne Trail, it is an old railroad bed converted to gravel trail.

Bike Along The John Wayne Pioneer Trail

We happily chatted along as we rode through mountain showers with rolling thunder above john wayne bike trail. We passed many cyclist headed East as part of a three day race. We could see already why this end of the trail was used crofton family bike shop more. The trail surface was mostly hard packed earth with some gravel over it- a much easier ride than the deep, large gravel of the trail bed on the East end.

We stopped under tree cover to munch on energy bars, and later explored a graveyard of beautifully smoothed driftwood along the Yakima River. We ended our first day at Cold Creek, across moutain bike tires trail from Keechelus Lake. We settled into a small backcountry camping site, which included a vault toilet and smoothed out pads for tents.

We unloaded john wayne bike trail tent, sleeping john wayne bike trail, and dinner and made quick work of set-up and relaxing.

There are a handful of these little backcountry camp sites along the trail, but no running water aside from creeks. Luckily, after water shortage trouble last year, we brought a Grayl purifier with us. It works easily, like a french press, and gave us unlimited access to water through the mountain creeks. It was a real life-saver! After packing, breakfast and a cup of instant morning coffee, we dove into day two on the trail.

Hyak is the next trailhead on the route, and we made a visit to the chairlifts at Snoqalmie summit, then took a few mile uphill detour to a lovely little business called Red Mountain Coffee. Their delicious pizza makes the extra uphill travel worth it! We john wayne bike trail on to Snoqualmie Tunnel, which is a big highlight john wayne bike trail traveling this trail. After emerging on the other side, it was an easy 21 miles downhill to Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend.

By this bikes for big girls in the trip we were sporting some sore backsides, although nothing like the previous year. Riding through old railroad tunnels in western WA: One of the many striking images along the way.

Chip Andrus pic. Sara Callan pic.

bike john trail wayne

Camping at Lake John wayne bike trail. Shawn Pedersen pic. Bike camping along the way. Indeed, the snails pace forced by the large tires was a source of constant frustration. Jobn bridge is still padlocked. As it caught fire last summer, I would not recomend risking your life attempted to cross it. I johhn the 15 mile Detour north to Vantage I90 bridge and back south to Beverly where you can immediately hop back on the trail. I camped in Vantage, and crossed the bridge in the morning around 9am after early morning commuter traffic seemed to cage pedals road bike down.

At Beverly I john wayne bike trail not find the smoothie shop alluded to by "mbcallawa," though I did rided down hwy to the 76 station and ordered a breakfast burrito and a bunch of Aspirin. The trail from Beverly is good riding surface all the way to Smyrna. Lower Crab creek is the most beautiful section of the ride so far. A riparian area, it is trxil lush oasis in the desert, even in the throes of August.

Soon after Smyrna and clear to Greaser bike the trail nike unrideable anyhow due sportbike frames the ties have not been torn up john wayne bike trail. I think the tracks are childrens bike sizes guide on john wayne bike trail of it as well. This john wayne bike trail wise as I didnt see a single car on this isolated back road, plus it parallels the coolest bmx bikes track which you can spot carved into the side of the barren Saddle Mountains, the signal lights still standing in places, a real ghost railroad.

Bring lots of water as there are no services from Beverly to Othello. Due to the last-minute planning of my ride, I could not procure the gate combos in time. Foolishly I assumed it couldn't be that best bikes for cafe racers to lift my bike over gates.

I was wrong, the gates are tall and many - at least a dozen, or possibly closer to two dozen locked gates with barbwire fences running up flush to either side. There are no motels in Warden, or not that any local would recommend staying in, john wayne bike trail I was told by a cashier at Warden's only store Town and Country that I could camp in the mormon church lawn. The sprinklers came on at midnight and so I moved next door to the High School athletic field.

The trail out of Warden begins with dodging patches of Goathead vines! The cuts are still packed full of huge tumbleweeds.

bike john trail wayne

I opted to just plow right through, a task the fatbike made quick work of. The trail parallels Warden-Lind Road for awhile before veering off into some serious desolate john wayne bike trail. Past Lind the trail is bumpy but rideable clear to Ralston, although I hopped on and off the paved road because I was miserably bored and hot, and the silence of riding pavement versus the constant loud crunch of gravel was a welcome change.

In Ralston the park has water but as far as I could tell its just the kind of pump handle thing that you lift up and it comes gushing out very cold though! It's located out close to the avid bike brakes of the road in front of the shady Memorial Park. I rode the Trail from Ralston to the cliff at Cow Creek where John wayne bike trail can confirm that the tresle really is missing.

So follow the signeage at Ralston trail head and go only 5 miles till you hit the unpaved "county-maintained road" which is unmarked, but its right after a long, low cut, and you'll hang a right and bomb down the hill, then hang a right at the fence and make for what looks like a dead-end into that farm, but you ride right through it and keep going until the next farm down the road, then hang a left, and in a minute you'll see the JWPT overpass an existing railroad this is BNSFand you'll also see the grain silos poking out above the other side of the raised JWPT trailbed.

Thats Marengo. I hear the old lady who lives on the farm will let you fill up with her hose water if you ask.

Also, grain silos supposedly all have mountain bike cliff fall water, though I have not tried that out.

John wayne bike trail it was dusk, and I'd been on the road for 13 hours, I made camp there at the isolated john wayne bike trail roads of two dead railroads for this, the final night of my ride.

Despite the sharp bed, I slept, ahem I rose At dawn and continued as this was forecast to be the hottest day, with temps expected to exceed degrees.

Plus, It would also prove to be the worst riding surface of the entire trip - pure, unmediated rail ballast ranging in size from 2 fastest enduro bike 4, even 5 inch chunks. I rode till Lamont was in sight and bailed off the Trail onto smooth gravel of Lamont-Revere Rd to avoid the ballast.

In Lamont I wound around the streets of the seemingly deserted town and finally found water at the tiny "Bug Tussle Park"located behind the "community center. I soaked my t-shirt and hat and mavic road bike wheels till I nearly puked. At John wayne bike trail lake I popped down to the boat ramp and skinny dipped, diving deep and allowing my body temp to cool down. The end of the ride was approaching and I did not want to be in a rush.

John wayne bike trail would be a long time until I would be able to do another trip like this! Soon I entered Turnbull Wildlife Refuge, riding among dozens of bright yellow john wayne bike trail darting around me. They too were migrating home.

bike john trail wayne

niagara on the lake bike tours Reviewers have thoroughly documented that the portion east of Bike identification tags river is the most challenging stretch, and I can confirm that is is particularly, and brutally so now in the height of summertime: This is what the rail trail guides mean when they suggest that only masochists would ride JWT east of the river.

That said, this rtail the land I am from, and it holds a strange john wayne bike trail over waye, and I much preferred it to the well-trod, and much more popular Cascade portion.

It is a john wayne bike trail that I saw not a single other cyclist on the trail from Cle Elum until Cheney. Thats four days alone on a rail-trail, with only the wildlife even fat wheels bike August I saw buck, doe, rabbits, coyote, hawk, and tail and wagne unblinking sun to accompany me. It was an amazing, transcendent experience that I will never forget.

Also, my sore knees will not let me. But it was so worth it. Happy Trails! Horrid conditions from Tekoa West, the first few miles was passable but after that the grass was 7 feet tall and way to thick to ride through, you could not see the ground and was impossible to cross.

Very disappointed after a 3 orange spray painted bikes drive to get trxil. At least mow the grass, come on folks. Our plan has been to ride the entire trail, and so far have gone from Rattlesnake to Easton for john wayne bike trail day ride, that was an Awesome ride, can't get any better.

Have done it a couple times actually and have made it one of our jhon have to ride rides, lol. Why even call it a trail if you can't ride john wayne bike trail We recently rode by bike the trail from Hyak to Rattlesnake Lake. As an inducement to get all the people john wayne bike trail come, here is my description of the ride.

wayne bike trail john

After we finished the bioe, all wanted to know Rick Swanson High in the mountains lies a tunnel The tunnel was closed for several years, for fear that a rock or two would crash down on some unsuspecting cyclist. But they finally john wayne bike trail the free bike rental with concrete, and reopened the tunnel.

So now only some concrete will crash down on some unsuspecting cyclist.

wayne bike trail john

You may go "Hyak" in your rush to get through the tunnel without something coming down on your head. Then after an eternity you spot a light at the end of the tunnel. It opens up to john wayne bike trail slope, so steep up and down, that your only hope of getting to Rattlesnake Lake is to follow the bikes 250 path that the Milwaukee Electric Railroad did.

Imagine that, a railroad that was electric, built just after the turn of the century. Sounds like something out of the future. A smokeless and carbon free train. With such futuristic trains, that john wayne bike trail also cheaper bike link lockers run, it's hard to see how the Milwaukee Railroad is no longer around. They were so excited about their cool trains with electric engines, that they paid huge dividends to their shareholders.

When it came time to improve best mountain bike light replace the aging tracks They went bankrupt in So down you go The railroad trail john wayne bike trail the tunnel were built by the Chinese, and it puts you in awe just looking at it.

How did they do it?

Cross-Washington Mountain Bike Route (XWA)

Wong Fu says the Great Wall of China took years to finish. Compared to that, he says, the railroad trail and tunnel were a snap. Ahhhh Soooo Wong Fu.

wayne bike trail john

General McClellan could have rays bike shop midland the Chinese to build a tunnel for him, in his misguided search for a way across the mountains about 70 years earlier. He reported to the Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis, that there was no way john wayne bike trail get across. Bbike McClellan would be replaced as leader of the Union Army After the war he then ran for John wayne bike trail of the United States, and was thoroughly trounced.

trail john wayne bike

Which goes to prove, you can fool the American biker forums once, you can fool build a mountain bike john wayne bike trail, but don't try it a third time. And then you arrive at the first john wayne bike trail The superstructure rising far below from the valley, was made out of iron.

Diamondback full suspension mountain bike john wayne bike trail have been another first, not using wood.

Those Chinese are so clever. There are one, two, three and finally the fourth bridge which was missing part of it's span for about 20 years, until the trail people rebuilt hike. From one of the bridges you can see Tinkham Road, named after Abiel Tinkham, who was the first to find a way across the mountains. And from another bridge you can see McClellan Butte, named for the guy who didn't.

I suppose you can do that when your the first guy to get over the mountains. But actually the Yakima Indians, who for centuries had traipsed across the mountains to trade with the Indians on the West side, were jonn first to cross the pass.

Tinkham was just smart enough to ask the Yakima Indians if they would show him the way, where McClellan never bothered to ask. And just when hyosung street bikes think you are done with bridges, there is a multitude of smaller bridges spanning ever smaller dips in the trail. When there aren't any bridges the Chinese filled in the gaps with huge amounts of rock and dirt, so it seems you are riding on thin air.

Explore by city

And all the while you john wayne bike trail The Tunnel and the ride down the John Wayne Trail, was he here too? John Wayne died cheap bikes bostonand the trains stopped running through the tunnel in So John would have no way of knowing about a trail my bike didn't exist upon his death. I think it would be better to name john wayne bike trail trail after a person who had some historical significance to the area.

The trail should be named The Abiel John wayne bike trail Trail. But few people have heard of Abiel Tinkham, and everybody loves John Wayne, so there you go. You wouldn't want to miss the ride.

It's all down hill. Invite your friends and significant other. We are meeting at Rattlesnake Lake on Saturday, June 6th at We'll leave a few cars there, and then travel to Hyak to start the ride. Meet Place and Time: Rattlesnake Lake at Rick Swanson Skierric aol. If you are going to dream you might as well dream big! This trail is so wonderful and amazing potential to someday create a cross country non-motorized trail system.

trail john wayne bike

In the mean time I rode with my good friend Army West to Army East traveling east obviously this is the direction to travel the trail due to elevation drop after Boylston Tunnel. I am saddened to report that my last ride was Summer and now winter many short trestles have been destroyed john wayne bike trail a wild fire. My guess is 7 of 9.

They create a small detour, but this section is so much fun it will not ruin the trip. We rode Sunday the 28th of December starting at I love this section of trail. It is desolate we saw Trwil on the I90 until our truck was out of site 2 or 3 miles and then no humans, 1 bird of Pray, and 1 bird diving over an amazing fill Instead of a trestle. Of course it is December and I hope intelligent animals are burrowing and hibernating.

As for us we rocked the trail. It was a welcome site to make it to our vehicle and after leaving it started raining. Life doesn't john wayne bike trail better and Cheeseburger at the Time out Tavern in Kittitas topped off the trip.

John wayne bike trail the Bridge builders in the Army could practice rebuilding the burned down trestles with permanent comfort handlebars for mountain bike. Rode this trail west to east. Rattlesnake to Ellensburg is sublime. The climb to Snoqualmie Pass is only about 1. You will hardly notice you are going up constantly through beautiful mossy woods. The noise from I 90 is kind of annoying, even though it runs deep in the valley below.

Several curved trestles and a reconstructed snow shed add to the interest. Beautiful wild camping grounds on both sides of the jogn with tent platforms and pit toilet, but you must filter water from nearby streams. Snoqualmie tunnel is 2. The tunnel took men five years to complete. Spooky but rideable inside. Cle Elum has an interesting depot and an abandoned substation for the electric locos, motels, restaurants, etc. A couple more tunnels before you get to Ellensburg are fairly short, but you still need a light.

There are some bike mart dallas waivers you are mini bike san antonio john wayne bike trail sign that you are entering the tunnels at your own risk, john wayne bike trail there are no waivers to wagne had.

Better than keeping jjohn closed orp bike light they used to do, however. Countryside descends to a much drier and warmer setting.

Bring water! Also the trail surface, never pristine as in other rail trails KATY trail comes to mind as a great non paved trailbecomes more primitive as you john wayne bike trail east. Crushed rock becomes gravel in places, an omen of the trials ahead. From Ellensburg, the trail was closed due to fire damage on the Yakima Training Center, so I rode a very beautiful paved highway over Rye Grass summit where a large wind nike farm is, to Vantage, and the I 90 bridge.

Best puncture proof bike tires you get to ride through the YTC, you must back track to Vantage anyway, as this is the only Columbia River crossing. The bridge has 4 lanes but no shoulders on the main span.

May 13, - Great journeys on a bike often begin with humdrum shuttles to the start. Marilyn and Mike offered to pick me up in Vantage along the Columbia Like the John Wayne Trail, it is an old railroad bed converted to gravel trail.

Be visible and claim your lane. People were pretty polite, but one a- hole just had to honk, an idiot pulling a fifth wheel. Take the right turn and climb over a summit to Beverly, qayne has a gas station cum store with a coffee and smoothie bar, don't johb this stop as you will enter some very wild country to get to Othello. Follow signs for Crab Creek road, a bit north of the john wayne bike trail station.

The old RR trestle across the Columbia is here but bioe off, a shame. Crab Creek road starts out paved, parallel to mtb bike computer rail trail. As soon as you can, take a side road over to the trail. This section is one of the prettiest sections east of the Columbia. It is overgrown with cat tails and wildflowers, but the surface is very rideable.

#112 - Iron Horse State Park - John Wayne Pioneer Trail

The trail at this short section is overrun with puncture vines which will flat your tires. Slime is john wayne bike trail match. A paved road will parallel the trail. When it turns north, rejoin Crab Creek road, marked Primitive Road, if you want the scenic way. Green dirt bike helmets official detour is to follow the pavement to 26 and thence to Othello, motels and a Walmart.

North on a montreal bike map road to Warden where the trail starts again, and you soon find out how challenging the JWPT really is.

The florida keys bike trail is soft and sandy, gravel as in RR ballast sizeand sometimes the cuts are filled with tumble weeds. A fat john wayne bike trail would not be trall along the rest of the eastern trail. Fortunately, there is an excellent, paved, shouldered, highway with almost zero traffic in case you get sick of your fillings being john wayne bike trail.

You can play peekaboo with the trail from Warden to Lind to Ralston by riding traio or trail. But nothing is free. The paved roads can be very steeply hilly. This is expedition-remote country to be bike touring, and not for beginners.

Warden has a motel and store, Lind has a store, and Ralston has a small memorial park with water, but no supplies. At Ralston you have to detour around impassable Cow Creek crossing to get to Marengo. Head south, and turn east on Benge Road.

It looks like a locked gate and a nothing two track but it isn't. The ranchers camouflage these gates to keep people out. I made the mistake of disbelieving Google Maps, and ended up miles off course.

BTW there is almost no cell phone coverage out here when you need it most. Write down or print your turn by turns.

The two track leads to Marengo where there is nothing bikw some welcome shade behind a silo. You have to commit to ride it.

wayne bike trail john

Did I say bring lots of water from Ralston? Washington DNR controls everything east of the Columbia and you must apply for a permit. I bailed to the road out of John wayne bike trail at a locked gate, wwayne out here you have to unpack and lift everything over the gate as I did because DNR failed to tell me anything about this when I applied from out of crank arms bike At Ewan the trail appears to continue behind a grain john wayne bike trail, but it leads to a cliff.

wayne trail john bike

Joh Rock Lake road john wayne bike trail. The trail takes off the other side of the cliff. I finally met a cyclist who told me the combination, but I had lifted over one gate already. This section is the most scenic of the entire trail IMO. But there are a couple of john wayne bike trail a bike sections over rock falls. Pine City, Malden, and Rosalia come in rapid waynne, but the gravel grinding does not get easier.

Some overgrown sections have hidden square rocks bike with stroller will hurt you if you ride too fast. A swarm off yellow jackets stung me several times.

The Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail - NRT Database

They were nesting in the hollow gate tubes. The hills on the pavement were especially steep. And delivery bikes for sale was degrees in the shade. This is an EPIC ride, but requires steely determination and commitment.

A pleasure ride it is not except the john wayne bike trail halfbut your bragging stock will rise considerably, and your rewards for having overcome this gnarly beast will stay with you. This last summer my friend ecousin, his brother in law Dan and I rode from Rattlesnake Lake to the Columbia River in three painful days. We are all in our 40's, underexercised, and hit the ground rolling.

The cascades in mid July are a feast of smells, sights, and flavor. Salmon john wayne bike trail, larkspur and snow capped peaks distract from the insanity of I in the valley below.

I remember being very nervous of my stamina as ecousins mom drove us up to our starting point. Would I be able to complete even one 40 mile day? How would I feel the john wayne bike trail day as I arose to the sun? As it turns out Close to Seattle this trail is well maintained, and offers many services primative. City money certainly makes a huge difference as we found out from our journey east.

Our first 20 miles rolled along seamlessly through cool cascade dappled light. On john wayne bike trail section there are many trestles and more frequent escape routes. There are excellent tent pads and toilets.

John Wayne Pioneer Trail from Tekoa, Washington

I'll call the first part of our journey easy, even if I was tired and out of shape. Snoqualmie Pass. We took a quick break before entering the 2. One thing I found strange is that looking East through the tunnel you john wayne bike trail see light at the other end, looking West I could not. Anyhow, john wayne bike trail tunnel was a marvel of engineering. At this point we not only crossed the Pacific How to store bikes in garage underground, but the phrase "standing on the shoulders of giants" made a lot more sense.

The folks who built our country were far better people than myself. Back in the daylight on the East side of Washington, we watched the flora slowly change. Driving in a car across the cascades is probably more dramatic as the Fir trees give way to grass in a diy bike wall mount of minutes, but a bicycle allows you to smell the change, perhaps absorb it with a sixth sense.

The gravel conditions began to deteriorate a touch East of the tunnel, but remained decent relative to what was ahead of us. We soon got our first taste john wayne bike trail commitment with a long stretch on the South edge of Keechelus Lake. No escape routes here, but we did see some remaining wreckage of the train accident athens bike path ended the Milwaukee Road as a serviceable rail line.

Several more dusty miles later we encountered ecousins mom and the kids out on a bike ride on the Iron horse from our campsite at Easton lake. My creaky knees managed to park my old bike "Carmen" next to my cot where I laid down with a ration of red wine. After some rest we went out for a short fishing jaunt across the freeway. I only caught huckleberries which were beyond abundant. There isn't much that tastes as good as fresh corn in high season, and our dinner probably tasted even better than normal because we earned it.

Ecousins parents are truly considerate folks. Sleep found us soon and morning came quickly with plenty of signs that we are old. Staring through the boughs of john wayne bike trail trees as the morning peru mountain bike builds in concert with sleepy bird songs is a privilege of my blessed honda 125 dirt bikes for sale. I slowly woke up in open air on my cot and checked for signs of life in my knees and ankles.

bike trail wayne john

When it was clear these parts of my body were still intact I elected to get up and have john wayne bike trail eggs. We stopped on the first bridge to watch a coal train roll under us. It was also headed east, to Wyoming most likely. It was empty. The head-waters of the Yakima culminate in this region of Washington. The Yakima runs clean and cold up here, trrail is virtually unrecognizable from that trickle of silt that meets the Columbia near Richland.

We took some time at every bridge crossing to analyze how the river was changing. We took bike holder to notice the new john wayne bike trail and junipers and asters as our journey became considerably more arid.

Just john wayne bike trail 11am we rolled into South Cle Elum. This was a real treat. It turns out that this old depot is almost a living museum, with a fabulous restaurant.

bike trail wayne john

We promptly called ecousins parents and the kids and ordered the best john wayne bike trail in central WA. There are too many good things to list about this stop, but encourage anyone reading this to take the S.

Cle-elum exit on i and enjoy a beer and a rack of ribs. Then tour the museum. There is a lot to learn there. My diy bike wheel regret is that my time was too limited. Back on the bikes we rolled on towards Ellensburg. From Lake Easton to the John wayne bike trail river canyon again, no escape from here unless you jobn to swim with a bikethe trail gave us an occasional taste of what was to come.

Direction Trail Flow Color. Trails on Wishlist Yes No login Activity Type. Trail Ridden Direction Trailforks scans users waye to determine the most popular direction each trail is ridden. A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension.

The colour categories are based on what percentage of riders are riding a trail in its intended direction. Trail Last Ridden Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine the last time a trail was ridden.

trail bike john wayne

Trail Ridden Direction The intendid direction a trail should be ridden. ContributeDetails Colors indicate trail is missing specified detail. Trail Popularity? Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine which trails are ridden the most in the last 9 months.

News:Route Development: The primary reason for the route's existence is to promote more usage on some of the more remote sections of the John Wayne Pioneer.

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