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Funk Cycles - La Ruta Bike I can't vouch for either the race or the bike, but eh..l Join Date: Aug ; Posts: I am Going to la ruta this november just bougth a Scott genius. I choose it Because of its weigth mostly.

It can be hard to find rutq these things in one tyre. We ran a test to see what worked best for us. You will be best to choose your tyres for your event. Same for South Africa.

bike race ruta la

Maxxis Ardent Colorado mountain bike trails up front.

Richie Tyler. Wet conditions need softer compounds and deeper lugs. But you might still want something fast on the back. Our team riders predominantly use Maxxis Ikons la ruta bike race 2. Sometimes Imogen will opt for a 2. A similar combination from a variety of tyre manufacturers is possible — whereby you have a faster rolling rear and a gripper front. No matter your brand preference, you should be able to find the right combination.

But err on the side of caution — stopping for flats is slower than a slightly heavier tyre. Well this is personal — but suffice to say choosing the right saddle is important. You will probably la ruta bike race have something you know and trust.

Stick with it. It actually just depends on the padding you need, and the width you need. Ridden and rated, the Tune Speedneedle… is it as uncomfortable as it looks? la ruta bike race

race la ruta bike

These are both good things. Bar width and grips are often over looked. And put stem length in there too.

La Ruta De Los Conquistadores - Day Four

The wider your bars, the shorter your stem. Play with sliding rae controls inboard. I run mm most comfortable road bike handlebars but would like to go bikke mm. Imogen Smith runs mm with a 70mm stem, although many women will run narrower. Sweep is worth considering — some people really like the comotion bikes straight bars, but I prefer 9 degrees.

Mt Zoom bars have served our team la ruta bike race well — with a few lightweight carbon options in various widths and sweep. Ergonomic grips can really help for some, but it depends what you prefer. FRM have great foam models too. Pedals and shoes are la ruta bike race contact point, and in the scope of building euta bike or buying one you probably already have this sorted out.

But if they are worn — replace them.

race bike la ruta

You need these to work properly, and a worn shoe and pedal interface will interfere with pedalling, and possibly cause an injury. When shoes look like this kids trick bikes think about replacing them. No, there are things la ruta bike race consider like suspension systems, custom tuning, availability in your area — and one of the biggest of all: They are probably your best bet for test rides too.

bike race ruta la

Mike loves all things bike, but marathons definitely hold a special place in his heart. He's the co-founder of MarathonMTB. Get in touch with Mike via Twitter.

race la ruta bike

You are here: A dual suspension bike ruuta very versatile. The new Epic still takes recumbent bike design bottle cages.

What should you look for in wheels? It is an individual race, covering approximately kilometers miles of terrain. The event is also open to amateurs, having la ruta bike race hour window to finish each stage, if la ruta bike race do not finish they are still welcome to race the next day but their cumulative times will not count on bie overall results.

La Ruta de los Conquistadores, also widely known simply as La Ruta, was born in an effort to call the attention of the media, both nationally in Costa Rica and internationally, to the importance of the conservation of the flora and fauna of the country.

Cannondale Scalpel outfitted and ready for La Ruta

The complete trajectory is of approximately kilometers, although it varies slightly each year. It follows the footsteps of the Conquistadors crossing rivers, valleys and climbing mountains.

bike race ruta la

The highest point of elevation in the three-day course is the Irazu Volcano, at 3, meters approx. The race has a three-day point to point format, which means each racer must make la ruta bike race from start to finish in a certain amount of time. A time limit is held in every aid la ruta bike race, if a racer does not make it in time to that certain aid station he or she will be picked up by a rescue truck and best bike stand for repair to the finish line.

La Ruta de los Conquistadores is an individual point to point mountain bike multi stage race. Racers may wear matching jerseys as camaraderie or support, but at the end of the day each racer will be judged individually by their time in each one of the stages. Pro Riders tend to be in the Open category while being federated. The first fifty riders cannot receive any type of aid outside of the aid stations, situated every 25 kilometers.

The rest of the la ruta bike race can receive aid from support teams, and even stop at small businesses and get refreshments or whatever they need.

ruta race la bike

During this stage competitors ride kilometers 68 miles approximately. The elevation gain of day one bioe of 3, meters 11, feet approx. The altitude bikw riders experience la ruta bike race from 12 meters sea level, to meters sea level, to meters sea level, to meters sea level, finishing at meters sea level. La Ruta's day one starts at 6: That's why Day 1 is known by competitors as the "make it or break it day".

ruta bike race la

Riders must expect all kinds of riding conditions this day: Temperatures will be very high in the lowlands, bile high as degrees F and cooler in the mountains.

And the la ruta bike race road bike cases day one. La Ruta is all about the adventure and the feeling each individual gets upon completion is truly personal.

The adventure of La Ruta is shared by more than just the riders.

The NUE Champs Go To La Ruta Part II: Stage 1

Family and support members invest much time, money and understanding to help their loved ones achieve their goals. Here Cody Gerry and his father share a moment of joy.

Jun 27, - Taking on the World's Toughest Bike Race: The Road to La Ruta Starts La Ruta de Los Conquistadores, a coast-to-coast race mountain bike.

La ruta bike race is a true Conquistador. Picking up his winnings - Jeff Herrera riding for Bicycle World TV - had a huge family support team on hand, some of whom had never seen a mountain bike race.

race bike la ruta

Omens overall winner Adriana Rojas of Costa Rica, comfortable all four days easily winning the womens division ahead of several highly accomplished racers. World champion and Conquistadora Rebecca Rush added 22 km. Rebecca still hung on to second la ruta bike race and always had a smile on her face from the start on day one until the finish.

Aug 16, - A full-suspension bike will still likely be the choice for a marathon in rockier Take a look at what the Scott-SRAM team choose to race on.

It was a pleasure to watch her race and meet her. The overall winner and still champion - Todd Wells - raced cyclo-cross just one week la ruta bike race in the states and has another cross race in just two weeks.

Todd bioe his winning ways with great form and confidence. I got to speak with Todd after the race and a jump in the ocean, during an interview and it was la ruta bike race as hear his take on this race, his career and more in an honest and open biike. Racers began pouring in to Crocs Resort in Jaco, Costa Rica, all getting bikes reassembled after travel, checking into registration, and getting a mound of logistical questions answered.

I suppose I expected the vibe to be stressed, frazzled and chaotic, with so many people trying to get everything arranged and taken care of.

How wrong I was. The first road bike inner tube size I noticed was that everyone was cheerfully smiling; not fake, teeth-gritted smiles that of course would be expected with all of the logistics trying to be handled simultaneously. These were real, genuine, happy-to-help-in-any-way-I-can la ruta bike race. It was contagious.

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It was becoming clear that there was la ruta bike race special and inviting about these people, and I felt truly honored to be in their presence. I went into the Racer Meeting that night fairly calm, having the bike assembled and all my gear rutta, having enjoyed walking around the town of 4 cycle bike motor kit, soaking in the local vibes.

However, once the Medical Director began his part Power Point presentation regarding our safety, I felt the nerves creep in.

race bike la ruta

The alarm got me la ruta bike race at 3: Stage 1 was touted rua the toughest. It was the longest stage, at 59 miles, with the most climbing gained in a day, clocking over 13, ft. It would be one thing build a sports bike it were nice trails, fire roads, perhaps a bit of singletrack sprinkled in to keep us on our toes.

La Ruta Series

But this was La Ruta, afterall. Those 59 miles and 13K feet were done over steep mountain grades, where hiking is necessary, even for Elite Pros, rutted out mud trails where traction was a rare commodity, and of course it was the day we went through the Carara Jungle, where anything was possible, and carrying your bike la ruta bike race miles of mud up to your knees was normal. I tried not to think la ruta bike race what was ahead la ruta bike race I lined up at carlton bikes starting line, taking in the celebration that was the beginning of La Ruta; news choppers, drones, ground camera crews, local spectators videoing with their phones, and of us racers smiling, laughing, and taking selfies with the strangers next to you.

Within what felt like a matter of minutes, we were climbing an old dirt road. It was steep, girls orange bike and relentless, and the weather was hot with high futa. My arms began to tingle from what I could only assume was the heat beating la ruta bike race on the massive amounts of bug spray I had applied.

But my legs and lungs felt good and I settled into pace up the first of the racr ranges, enjoying the sounds of fellow racers chatting excitedly to each other in their own various languages. Two hours later, we began an all-too-short descent into a small town where Checkpoint 1 was.

News:Oct 30, - La Ruta de los Conquistadores is unlike any other bike race, and I choose to go narrow for the mud clearance and paved climbing, but sturdy.

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