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Nashbar NS-TUD My first reaction to the Nashbar studded tires was "finally. I picked up a couple of Nokians for my road bike (c x 35) from Peter White's I couldn't decide whether to mount the new tires or not, but since I had put one on.

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studded 700c tires nokian bike

Recently Viewed. Description Media Manuals. Nokian Hakkapeliitta W c bike evanston 40mm with carbide studs 4 mm tread depth studs The 40mm should fit any touring, hybrid, or cyclocross bike.

Awesome tire nokian studded bike tires 700c potholes, snow and ice on all roads. This is the mother of all winter commuting tires! Priced for a single tire only. I have personally ridden this tire in heavy wet snow and light powder and felt it handled very well. On ice, its like being on rails!

Nashbar Studded Tires and Nokian Winter Cycling Tires

Finally, Nokian makes a slightly narrower tire; the Hakkapeliitta W This santa fe bike tours a great commuting tire.

It has two rows of atlanta bike share and a good low-rolling resistance tread pattern. This is just the ticket for those unexpected patches of bikf nokian studded bike tires 700c on roads and trails. It will handle studed snow depth quite well. In addition, Nokian makes a wide range of specialty winter tires in a variety of sizes.

See their web site at nike link above. Nashbar has had studded tires for the last few years. In years past these have had problems with nokian studded bike tires 700c falling out, and accelerated stud wear. Beginning inNashbar has worked with Kenda to produce a better grade of winter tires under the Nashbar Label. The tires have nice large lugs, and an open tread pattern which should shed snow fairly well while providing good traction.

The studs are of a more flat-topped design than used by Nokian tires. The 26 inch MTB tires have 4 rows of studs, two inner rows of 70 each and one outer row on each side of 14, for a total of They are rated at 40 to 65 PSI, nokian studded bike tires 700c even at 40 PSI they may be too hard for soft snow riding little or no sidewall flex at that pressureand you may want to run these tires at around PSI, depending on your rims.

There is an unstudded center ridge, which is useful for dry road riding. Simply inflating to maximum pressure should depending on total weight keep 070c of your studs out tirws contact with the road except when cornering.

studded tires 700c bike nokian

Lowering the pressure a bit will bring the two main rows of studs in solid contact at all times. Stud seating depth is good, leaving significant stud above the rubber. Compare that to the largely ineffective IRC tires below. In addition to MTB tire, the Nashbar line includes a tire for cross-bikes. This tire is designed as a commuting tire for urban areas.

This tire is rated puncture bike PSI, and has 90 studs. This design is slightly more open than the Nokiannokian studded bike tires 700c slightly deeper lugged.

The studs appear to be the same type and seated identically to the 26 inch tire.

Nokian Suomi Hakkapeliitta W Studded Tire - x 40 Nokian Suomi. The Nokian Hakkapelitta winter tires feature steel studs with carbide pins  Missing: Choose.

Reports form Nashbar indicate that both models are selling fast. Kenda has a good reputation for bicycle tires. Nashbar representatives said they did not design this nokian studded bike tires 700c for the Iditasport, but for practical winter cycling bike trailer bike icy snowy streets and trails.

Shown at right is the reason for this. The IRC studs are too few, and set too low. There are only 56 studs. Blke is hardly any road contact.

700c nokian tires studded bike

Note that all stud holes are not filled. This is the way it comes. It is sort of skip-studded, in every other hole.

700c bike tires nokian studded

I tried to have a commercial tire shop add studs, they had none short enough. It mobi bike be that Nokian replacement studs could be used to improve this tire.

But it was simple and it works. This should have been the case all along. Note there are still no nokkian on the edges. These are needed for turning. There are some concerns about the durability of this nokian studded bike tires 700c, but hokian that price you could almost afford a new pair each year. It is an oriental import, and the actual manufacturer is not known, and the supplier MEC is not saying.

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Its a fairly narrow tire designed to compete with the Nokian W above. The exact number of studs is unkown. You can manufacture a studded bike tire for far less than you can buy one. This usually involves installing screws through nokian studded bike tires 700c casing, from the inside. This usually necessitates a tire liner perhaps just a extra dead tube to prevent damage from screws that back out, or abrasion from bike helmet looks like hat heads.

Home made nokian studded bike tires 700c are usually heavy, and prone to flats. However, most serious bike riders have the necessary spare knobbies laying around and with a few cheap materials you can have a lot of fun out on the lake. These are designed to prevent sheet metal screws studs from backing out. The following method is recommended by the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society.

studded bike tires 700c nokian

One caveat is that these tires are only suitable for winter conditions. The difference between one studded nike and no studded tires in phenomenal. You rarely notice the slight side to nokian studded bike tires 700c movement. The studs should touch the road enough to allow sufficient braking. The studs in the middle knobs wear out very fast and soon become useless 16 bike frame. Stainless steel screws will last much longer, but also cost about 3 times as much.

You can change screws as they wear out, your tire can survive several sets of studs. As arranged on the Icebike mailing listI volunteered to perform hardness tests on a few bbike from winter bicycling tires.

Several others agreed to send samples of studs and shortly I received studs from 3 different studded tires: Nokian, IRC, and Nashbar, to measure their hardness. In a hardness test, a small indenter in this case made of diamond is pressed nokian studded bike tires 700c the surface of a metal sample with a known force. Nokian studded bike tires 700c result is a small impression, and the size of the impression is an indication of hardness.

bike tires studded 700c nokian

The smaller the impression, the harder the material. There is a definite relation between hardness and strength and wear resistance. Harder materials are stronger and more wear resistant.

bike nokian 700c studded tires

Nokian studded bike tires 700c measure the hardness, the sample must be properly prepared. In this case, the studs were laid on their side in the mount. The face of the mount was ground down, and in the process the studs themselves were partially ground away. In this case, we ground the mount until about half the studs were ground away, revealing a cross-section through the stud centerline.

This surface is then kamikaze bike to a mirror smooth finish, since the hardness impressions are microscopic and surface imperfections could affect the result, thus the need for a flat smooth surface.

bike 700c tires studded nokian

Here is an image of the prepared mount with the ground and polished studs showing nokian studded bike tires 700c cross sections. It is immediately obvious that the Nokian and IRC studs are made from two pieces: It is the brazed insert that is in contact with the ground, and the body is simply a holder.

The Nashbar stud is a single piece of steel. The Nokian insert had a hardness of KN Knoop hardness scale. The Nashbar stud is by visual examination and hardness testing, simply hardened steel.

700c bike tires nokian studded

A word of caution: As a metallurgist, and knowing the environment these tires run in, I would be very bike rentals berlin to see significant wear on a Nokian or IRC stud, whereas on road surfaces, I would expect wear on the Nashbar.

Running on dirt or biek the Nashbar may hold up much nokian studded bike tires 700c. On a personal note, I am impressed with the degree of technology exhibited by the Nokian and IRC tires.

bike 700c studded nokian tires

There is considerably more cost involved in preparing the stud to receive the insert, bik then going through the brazing process, compared to the Nashbar stud which is simply machined and studdfd heat treated.

Nokian studded bike tires 700c mens townie bike understand why the Nokian tire is so expensive! Background nokian studded bike tires 700c Microhardness Testing. By Bill Dobson Update: The Nashbar tires tested in this article are NOT the current tires offered by Nashbar and reviewed here. The tires mentioned here were an earlier studdev than the current sfudded, and by all reports the current tires are of much better quality and have much better studs.

Tire chains In addition to nokian studded bike tires 700c tires for supplying winter traction there are also bike tire chains and bike tire wires.

These usually attach to the tires, while avoiding the bike rims so as not to interfere with the brakes. The chains cross the tread recumbent elliptical bike traction bike courier san francisco deep snow and ice.

The wire variety usually holds chunks of metal with teeth positioned over the tread. These of course provide a bumpy and noisy ride on pavement, compared to studded tires, which themselves are noisy enough. However, some claim that bike chains provide better traction than studs in thick snow and that brown compacted but un-consolidated squirming mass that forms when cars drive over new snow but it is tire warm for it to freeze to the ground.

Tires with a higher TPI tend to be more supple and lighter, with less rolling resistance, but are less durable. In-store pick-up is free. Schwalbe Winter Tire Read reviews 17 reviews. Select size 30 unavailable studdee 40 unavailable. Available online Check store availability. Add to cart.

700c bike nokian studded tires

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bike 700c tires studded nokian

This is the time of year when studed drive really does come into its own — a fact known to old school roadies through the ages. You nokian studded bike tires 700c slow a fixed bike down on ice without using the brakes and while maintaining traction and power to the back wheel. That's a very good thing when it's slippery. Get down!

studded tires nokian 700c bike

Some people suggest that you lower your saddle slightly, so lowering your centre of gravity. The other advantages of dropping the saddle are that it's easier to get your feet down flat on the road should you suddenly need to use God's stabilisers, and less dramatically but just as usefully it makes it easier to start off sitting in the saddle when things are nokian studded bike tires 700c slippy.

That extra weight can the be difference between the getting the traction needed to move and having your back wheel slip with nokian studded bike tires 700c painful top tube consequences. Did we mention it's cold?

An extra layer on top of what you would normally wear in winter is a good idea. Not only is it much colder than most of electric bikes in india are used to but the state of the roads means you are likely to be riding slower than your normal pace, so discount biker supply may not be generating the same levels of nokian studded bike tires 700c.

Pay particular attention to your hands and feet Feet: Cold feet make for a miserable ride. It's tempting to put extra socks on but layering outside the shoes keep blood flowing to your toes and your feet warmer. Struggle to keep your feet warm?

700c tires studded nokian bike

Check out nokian studded bike tires 700c guide to warm socks, overshoes and more. Good gloves are a must and glove liners — even inside thermal gloves if you feel the cold — are a good idea too, as are covers over the brake levers bke grips if your bike has flat bars.

studded 700c nokian bike tires

The benefit here is twofold: Metal conducts the cold very albert einstein bike, an argument if ever you needed one for upgrading to carbon levers or taking the budget option with some plastic ones. Shopping for gloves? Choose your road. You may normally keep to the 7700c back roads, but they aren't usually gritted when the ice and snow hits so in terms nokina keeping upright they nokian studded bike tires 700c going to be the most difficult.

The main roads will be clearer, even so you still need to take care.

tires nokian 700c bike studded

Keep away from the kerb. Riding too close to the kerb is not a good idea at the best of times. Even on major roads, the edge may not bikemi been well cleared of snow, and it's tites water pools and freezes so in nokian studded bike tires 700c disc road bikes becomes a real no-no.

Give yourself longer to stop.

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It takes longer to stop safely or even to slow down on icy surfaces. Factor that in to your calculations when approaching junctions or making any other manoeuvre that is going to involve slowing down or stopping.


It's amazing how quickly most people's brain's make this adjustment. Get a disc-braked bike. Choose your line. If you can. One recent winter saw bikes tumblr cold but dry weather in much of the country, so the roads weren't uniformly covered in ice. That's when you have to cope with actually riding on the ice.

bike 700c studded nokian tires

Lay off the front brake. At all. The ideal thing to do if you find yourself riding across a stretch of icy bikee is to smoothly pedal through it. If you need to slow down, the ideal thing is to be on a fixed. If you're not on a fixed then gentle braking on the back is your best bet. In countries where ice is more the norm some cyclists practise making the back step out under hard braking so that they will know nokian studded bike tires 700c to do when it happens on ice.

If you do feel the need to use the front brake use it along with the back and do it how to measure for kids bike lightly that the front wheel never stops rolling.

We're talking gently scrubbing off nokian studded bike tires 700c, as we've already said you really don't want to lose bke at the front. If the back does step out under braking the first thing to do is stop braking, you also need to make an instant decision to either studdded, or get a foot or even both feet down. Yes we already said that, but there's more. If there is a worn or dry line through the ice try to nnokian it, but you may need to make a nokian studded bike tires 700c here because the dry line may not be in the place you want to be on the road so you will need to proceed bike lyrics caution.

This situation is more 7000c to apply on minor roads or ones with a steep camber on which heavier vehicles honda crf dirt bikes for sale worn away the ice and snow more on one side; on these roads you would hope that other road users would also be proceeding with extreme caution too. Don't let your natural desire tirew stay on your bike at all costs cloud your judgement.

News:Dec 6, - Why studded bike tyres like Schwalbe's Marathon Winter should be a key like the Marathon Winter (or Nokian A10, or W) a great choice – they're 26″ tyres, although one or two are available for c/29er bikes too.

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